This Week's Beauty News is Full of Celebrities, Some of Whom May Be Shaving Their Faces

I guess Rachel Dolezal kind of counts as famous now, right?

The response to Lisa's article—"How Rachel Dolezal Just Made Things Harder for Those of Us Who Don't 'Look Black'"—has been remarkable. Clearly, she touched on something many can relate to: just how important a role appearance and others' perception can play in one's personal cultural experience. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it, not just because I'm the editor here and not just because Lisa is a friend of mine, but because I felt like I had at least a slightly deeper understanding of an experience unlike my own, and that's important for all of us to seek out.

"Was that a perm?" Lisa asked. "Who does your spray tans?" And now, with people both digging into Dolezal's life and Rachel herself giving interviews, those questions are actually getting answered.

Rachel Dolezal's beauty secrets REVEALED!

By now, you've probably seen the many hairstyles of Rachel Dolezal, from her naturally straight blonde hair to the supposedly "natural look" she's been wearing most recently.

But as we now know, this is not her natural look. So is it a perm, as Lisa wondered? Nope. NBC's Amber Payne just went for it and asked her to her face what's up with her hair, and Dolezal replied, "But yeah, so this is a weave and, you know, I do it myself."

TMZ also claims that sources told them Dolezal is a regular Mystic Tan customer at Palm Beach Tan in Spokane, and they posted a different NBC clip where she sort of stutters through what she has and hasn't done with her skin, like melanin shots, which is a thing that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist:

Jessica Alba's Honest Company is launching Honest Beauty this fall.

That's literally all we know. This was posted to Facebook with no other information. But hey, cool! Looking forward to it!

Kate Somerville shaves her face and thinks you should, too.

I love Kate Somerville—the products and the person. I'm just not sure I'm gonna heed the famous facialist's latest advice.

“I hate to say this, but personally I get hairs above my upper lip, and have forever,” she told The New York Times, explaining that she shaves it—and the rest of her face—with a Gillette Mach3. “Initially I did it because of the hair, but then I noticed that it was a great exfoliant and that my makeup went on a lot better.”

And she recommends it to many clients, including celebrities. She didn't reveal which ones do it, though.

Selena Gomez is the new face (hair?) of Pantene.

I don't know if you guys know this, but Selena Gomez is, like, really pretty and has, like, super-nice hair, and is, like, famous. Basically, it makes 1000% sense that she's the new spokesperson for the brand that's synonymous with the concept of "shampoo commercial hair."

Here she is being adorable about it.

Kim Kardashian got some free makeup and a spelling lesson.

The Sparkly Life's Alyssa Hertzig brought to my attention that, a few days ago, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to FREAK THE F*CK OUT that her favorite foundation was discontinued.

But don't worry. When you're famous, they keep a special reserve of discontinued makeup and SASS.

Anyway, here's a picture of Kim Kardashian at an Armani Exchange party in 2006.

  • Do celebrity spokespeople make a difference in your opinion of a brand?
  • Are you interested in Honest Beauty?
  • Have you ever shaved your face?
  • Rachel Dolezal? Anything?