It's Your First COTW of 2016!

And it's a sparkly one.
Publish date:
January 2, 2016
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At the time of writing this, it's still 2015 — but when you're reading this, it'll be 2016! Happy new year, everyone! I hope you had a great time and didn't end up too hungover.

Personally, I spent my NYE at a masquerade ball because I'm dorky like that. My mask was $2, and my nails are Essie's Penny Talk, which is the most gorgeous metallic rose gold shade.

The best part of wearing a mask is that you don't have to bother much with eye makeup. It's all about the bold lip in this case. I'll probably post pictures of my actual NYE look on my Instagram if you'd like to see (or in the comments of next week's LOTW).

Now let's take a look at the last of your best 2015 Comments of the Week:

1. "Kelly Bee" is 100% right about this Becca highlighter:

I bought a travel size of the Becca liquid highlighter in Moonstone and now I am ruined for LIFE IT IS SO GOOD. You don't need very much to look like a radiant moon goddess so this jerk is going to last me quite a while.

2. I can't answer "colbyface's" question about booster serums but it made me laugh:

The whole concept of skincare boosters infuriates me. Like, I already spend a shit-ton of money on products that may or may not work. If this stuff really boosts everything so much, WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST ADD IT TO THE SERUM IN THE FIRST PLACE?

3. "Sarah Townsend" has a great recommendation if you're interested in Sephora Collection products:

My favorite sephora brand products are the masks! The gel sleep masks in little pods are incredible (pommegranate for brightening is my favorite), and the eye mask that is a sheet of gel is great at making me look like i've slept (I can reuse it a couple times if I put it in a ziplock as soon as I'm done).

4. We were talking about hangover makeup and "Ashley" reminded all of us the importance of hiding the tweezers:

I've actually never really been hungover. Even drunk me knows the importance of hydrating, luckily. I do have to hide my tweezers before I go out, because I always seem to want to reshape my eyebrows at 3 AM when I can't really walk straight.

5. I loved this comment by "PlaidandPrejudice" from this week's discussion of the significance of dramatic hair changes for women:

I recently shaved my own head (for my Furiosa Halloween costume) and I've found it actually makes me feel more feminine. Like defiantly feminine. I sorta think to myself, "Look world! Feast thine eyes upon how pretty I am without hair hiding my face!" So, I decided to keep it for a while instead of growing it out. And I've received nothing but compliments on it, with the exception of one nosy co-worker who asked me, "OMG, WHAT DOES YOUR HUSBAND THINK?!" Um, IDGAF? I mean, I do, obviously, but my husband's opinion doesn't dictate my hairstyles. (For the record, he loves it and helps me shave the back every two weeks.)

  • How was your NYE?
  • Care to share a picture of your NYE look with us?