I Got A Haircut And Some Surprising Test Results, Plus COTW!

Anyone else had their DNA sequenced? Surprising stuff!
Publish date:
January 24, 2015
cotw, hair loss, genetics, madonna, DIY haircut, postpartum

I just made a pretty interesting discovery: After getting my preliminary results back from genetics testing lab 23andMe, I was pretty shocked to find out I have a lot of genetics in common with people in the Middle East. It was interesting because I’d always assumed I was totally Irish!

I also decided it was time for a haircut, for real. I didn’t want to wait until my hair started thinning to take action, and for a midnight cut by my husband, I’m pretty excited about how it turned out.

Here are your Comments of the Week!

1. Speaking of postpartum hair loss, Kevin Ewell (our favorite cosmetic chemist next door) chimed in with an important news bulletin.

“For all you women out there, Sephora is selling a great hair regrowth treatment that I may have had a hand in developing.

This stuff has great clinicals and is dermatologist backed. The shampoo and conditioner are great (don't worry about the supplements), but all you really need is the leave-in serum.”--Kevin Ewell

2. Anyone who’s into chowing down on whole grains might appreciate this quick chia recipe from "dmZ"!

“Also a great porridge-like substance is mixing chia seeds with milk or yogurt (I like to put in berries and honey or cocoa bits) the night before and putting it in the fridge to set. It's great for breakfast!”--dmZ

3. Female toplessness is in the news again, and it still seems like a silly debate.

“Topless inequality annoys me so much. Why is it that cis-man's nipple over there is A-OK in public, but not mine? There is no valid answer to that question. I don't even care which way it swings--either everybody topless, or nobody topless, but no more of this 'my body is OK, but yours is not' bullshit.”--stumbeline

4. Danielle’s article on double-duty beauty products brought this great tip from “shinyreadthermos" (or Madonna, partly).

“Sometimes if I have body lotion left on my hands I'll rub it in my hair cuz I hate waste. But excess face creams are reserved for my neck and the tops of my hands. (I think I learned to put face stuff on your hands from Madonna.)”--shinyreadthermos

5. I loved self-help books as a teen. I’m going to try to remember this tip from “Maureen :)” when I have a teen girl!

“In kind of a different vein, my mother decided to give me 'Our Bodies Ourselves' when I was 11 or 12. I used to flip to a random page and read the whole chapter. It was honestly the most informative thing. It was where I learned about STDs. It was the first book I read that dealt with queer issues in a compassionate manner. I could go on and on about how much I love this book. I also think that books like 'Girlosophy' are a better way to learn things than having conversations with adults/parents, because books allow you the time to go at your own pace and really internalize what is being said.” --Maureen :)

  • Has Madge ever taught you anything? She taught me that you can pretend to be British if you want!
  • Tell me about your home haircuts! My mom used to give me and my sisters mullets!
  • Anyone else had their DNA sequenced? Tell me about your surprise genealogical discoveries in the comments!