Sun Protection In A Bracelet? Meet The June

A new UV-tracking bracelet communicates with your iPhone to keep you from getting sunburned.
Publish date:
June 13, 2014
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Would you wear this bracelet? Like, before I tell you how it will help safeguard your skin from UV rays and all the dangers (and wrinkles) associated with them, do you think it’s cute enough to wear on the daily?

I’ll let you ponder that.

Made by Netatmo and available next week, it’s called the June and it’s the first-ever Bluetooth-enabled UV tracking bracelet. How does it work? The jewel face detects UV levels and communicates with an accompanying iPhone app to send push notifications when you need to apply/reapply sunscreen, put on a hat, wear sunglasses, etc. It even tells you how much sunscreen to use, e.g., “a shot glass full.” Seriously, those are June's words, not mine.

The June produces recommendations based on standards by the World Heath Association, current UV levels, and the wearer’s exposure time. It also factors in skin type based on something called the Fitzpatrick Scale.

For $99, you get a double-strap leather band (plus a silicon option) and a jewel in your choice of color: platinum, gold, or gunmetal. Apparently, the jewel was crafted to be über-reflective under sunlight. Think how much attention you'll get with all that shine! (Ugh. I hate attention.)

A Wall Street Journal writer took two June bracelets for a spin and found them to be helpful on the beach AND in daily life, particularly at an outdoor lunch. That really clicked with me because I often indulge in three-hour brunches alfresco and I never reapply my sunscreen.

The cons: The WSJ writer noted that her units lost connectivity a couple of times, and the app interface was a bit confusing. The bracelet is also not totally waterproof: it can withstand a splash, but you can’t go swimming in it. Oh, and it currently only works with iPhone. (Sorry, Android peeps.) Netatmo says it’s working on an app update to resolve the Bluetooth connectivity issue before next week’s launch.

So, would you wear this? Is it worth $99 if Netatmo fixes the connectivity problems? Should we get one and try it out for you? Do you use any other tracking bracelets (FuelBand, Jawbone, etc.)?