Model Loses A Leg In Meisel-Shot Moschino Campaign

Plus, the weird surprise that came with one woman’s Anastasia package, and a few “magical” manis.
Publish date:
January 14, 2015
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Hey, Moschino, I Think You Forgot Something

I'm guessing whoever let this go out the door has, well, been seen to the door. Some retoucher cropped a model's leg out of Moschino's Steven Meisel-shot spring ad campaign. As BuzzFeed so eloquently put it, "It's hard out there for a supermodel." [BuzzFeed]

18 Harry Potter-Themed Manis That Will Blow Your Mind

Who here has a case of Harry Potter nostalgia? Though a new book hasn’t been released since 2007, we Muggles can still celebrate the Boy Who Lived on our fingertips. PopSugar has rounded up 18 of the best HP manis out there. Geek chic, eh? [PopSugar]

Lena Dunham’s February ELLE Cover Is Edgy As Hell

It’s not just awesome because she nabbed the Women in TV cover; Dunham’s look is a punk-y, '80s throwback that we’re dying to recreate. Orange hair? Check. Sharply-lined eyes? Of course. [Huffington Post]

Racked Editor On Being Five Feet Tall In The Workplace

"It's hard to be a boss when you're sitting around a conference table and your feet don't touch the floor," writes Racked executive editor Izzy Greenspan in an essay about loving yourself at five feet tall. Whether you're tall, short, or in between, this is a good read. [Racked]

A Reddit User Received Something Cray in Her Anastasia Package

A saw. For real? I mean, Anastasia’s new liquid lipsticks are definitely “scary good,” but this is next level. [Reddit]