Let This Model Give You the Courage to Try DIY Pink Hair

Watch model Pyper America Smith dye her own hair pastel pink in this video.
Publish date:
January 19, 2016
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Admittedly every so often if I'm either too busy to make a salon appointment or trying to truly adult and stick with a budget, I'll attempt to color my hair at home. Some attempts have worked better than others, but regardless, I stick with a single process that's as close to my natural brunette as possible. I'm not taking any chances.

For this reason, I'm impressed with model Pyper America Smith, who documented herself coloring her own strands pink for Teen Vogue. Now as a model she's probably used to ever-changing looks and prior to this she had platinum blonde hair, but I would personally be terrified to make such a drastic change on my own.

Naturally, Smith's results are nothing short of gorgeous. In fact, her hair looks amazing before she's even had a chance to blow dry it.

While this still hasn't given me the courage to DIY any color this drastic to my own locks, I totally salute her openness to change and giving herself such a killer dye job.

This post originally appeared on mimichatter.com: Check Out This Model DIY Coloring Her Hair Pink; Kelly Bryant