These Incredible Braids Would Make a Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle

And if you're a Millennial, you'll probably wear a MAC lipstick at your wedding, too.
Publish date:
June 19, 2016
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I have a ghost in my apartment. Did you know that? It woke me up on Thursday night by turning the TV on at 1 a.m. Granted, it turned on The Golden Girls, so I wasn't exactly scared, just startled. I don't mind the otherworldly presence in my apartment as long as it stays friendly. I was also awakened in the early a.m. on Tuesday by my carbon monoxide alarm, which brought firefighters and the gas guy over, so I didn't get back to sleep until 5:30. Cool times over at Kara's!

Anyway, since I've had such a crappy sleep schedule this past week, I've been using a lot more dry shampoo. And that doesn't make me a weirdo — it makes me a Millennial. Which I am.

Millennials reveal their beauty secrets

A website called Influenster, which serves to help you find new beauty products and learn what your peers are saying about them, recently did a poll of Millennial women regarding their beauty habits. (Millennials, if you didn't know, are women 18-34.) Popsugar's got all the results over on their page, but I thought it was interesting that MAC was the number-one lipstick brand with 19% of the vote and that Millennial women prefer pink nail polish over all other shades.

One-third of Millennial women go three days without washing their hair. Now that I'm back to super-bleached blonde, I go about six — only 2% of my peers do the same.

Beautiful braids are on display at Brooklyn museum

Artist Shani Crowe's braid work is such amazing art that it belongs in a museum, and that's where it's currently residing. "Braids," an exhibit of Shani's braiding and photography work, is currently hanging at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts in Brooklyn, and it's mind-blowingly beautiful.

Crowe told Refinery29 that her skills came from having her hair braided as a child. "I picked up the skill from watching my relatives braid, and practicing on dolls. When I was around 11, and my aunts couldn’t execute the designs I wanted, I began braiding [on] my own. I was a walking advertisement for myself, and ended up attracting clientele."

"Braids" is, as Crowe says, "an unapologetic assertion of my pride in my braid art, my culture, and my African ancestry."

Shani's friends model her braids in the 10-image exhibit. You can see a sneak peek of the show on her Instagram.

Wedding season is taking over the internet — even Vogue!

I am blissfully wedding-free this summer, but the past two summers were full of hitchings. I do love weddings, even though I've never really wanted to be a bride myself. I love pretty dresses and seeing how my friends choose to present themselves on their "big day." How do they do their makeup? How do they do their hair? What color do they paint their nails? It's fascinating to see the give and take between traditional bridal beauty and my friends' unique personalities.

Vogue rounded up 31 of the best wedding hair looks of all time, and there are no cheesy '90s updos to be found. You've got Cindy Crawford's beachy waves, Priscilla Presley's iconic and towering hair, and Farrah Fawcett's giant hat. My mom wore a hat at her wedding because it was the '70s. Also, can someone please find me Brigitte Bardot's gingham dress?

  • Do you love wedding season? If you're married, how did you wear your hair? If you're not, how would you like to?
  • Where do you fall on the spectrum of the Millennial habits?
  • Do you have a ghost in your home? How'd you get rid of it, or are you BFFs?