Beauty News: Men Wearing Makeup For The First Time Is The Best Thing Since Ever

The BuzzFeed viral video we can't stop watching, plus other interesting beauty links from around the Internet.

· If you haven’t already seen this BuzzFeed video of men getting makeup applied to one side of their face, do so now, please. It’s the funniest thing you’ll see on the Internet today. [BuzzFeed]

· Would you pay $20 for Chanel-branded cotton pads? What if I told you they’re triple ply and made of the finest Australian fibers? [The Cut]

· All in favor of tiny needles being inserted into your face to reverse acne scars and/or wrinkles, say I. Or just look into micro-needling. (But don’t tell them I sent you, because I want no part of that!) [Byrdie]

· The F.D.A is nowhere near the cosmetic industry watchdog that the E.U. is, especially when it comes to which products can be labeled “natural.” [Fashionista]

· NARS is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a limited edition set of 10 nail polishes and lipsticks (from bright red to nude) in a large box with a mirror. Buy it exclusively at Barneys starting September 1. [Temptalia]

· Rihanna tryna bring back frosted lips, y’all: her MAC Viva Glam 2 collection includes a metallic-y mauve lipstick. As much as I hate to fall victim to outrageous things with a celebrity name attached, I have to admit I’m pretty stoked. [InStyle]

· If you can’t decide your next manicure, just take a look at these nail art horoscopes. Because the universe knows best, right? [Fashion Magazine]