Here's Why MAC's Upcoming Mariah Carey Collection Should Be Free

Also in this week's news: hair inspiration, regulation, and misapplication.
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September 30, 2015
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You know how you're charged a fee when something's overdue? Overdue library book? Open your wallet. Overdue credit-card payment? Penalty charge.

Based on this logic, everything in the upcoming MAC collaboration with Mariah Carey should be free, because it's so long-overdue that any retail prices would be cancelled out by late fees MAC should pay for making us wait this long.

Yeah, that's right—there's going to be Mariah Carey collection for MAC

Mariah Carey has long been known as a fan of MAC, but for some reason, we had to wait 25 years into her household-namedness before the two came together for one of the most obvious celebrity collaborations in cosmetic history.

This December, an appropriately-named lipstick called "All I Want" will become available exclusively online. It's a shimmery champagne shade, but you'll have to imagine what it looks like on Mariah because the photo of her released with this announcement is black and white. But hey, here's the product shot!

Come 2016, we will be graced with a full Mariah Carey "Beauty Icon" collection, which better include at least one product with a shade called "Honey," amirite?

A new exhibit showcases millennial hairstyle diversity and now I want green hair

After seeing a 19th-century "hair study" photograph in France's National Library, in which a young woman was photographed from behind, photographer Tara Bogart, "couldn't stop thinking about the photograph, so I decided to see what that would look like today."

Thus, her project "A Modern Hair Study" was born, and Bogart photographed the backs of the heads of "as many women in their 20s as I could," she told i-D. The resulting images, which will be presented as a gallery exhibit in New York, display, as you might have imagined, a lot of funky cuts and colors mixed in with more mainstream styles.

"In these intimate portraits, I am a voyeur concentrating on a generation that is not mine," Bogart says on her site. "While certain ideals are often relevant to different generations, the ways in which women adorn and modify themselves often indicate the struggles of a young adult with their own ideology and individuality."

"Man bun? More like BAN BUN," says Brigham Young University (OK, that's not really a direct quote)

Speaking of millennial hairstyles, the man bun has been getting a lot of press lately, most recently because of the earth-shattering revelation that top knots can make your hair fall out. However, alopecia prevention is not the motivation behind BYU's newly announced decision to ban the man bun on campus.

"We would consider the ‘man bun’ to be an extreme hairstyle. It’s just something that deviates from the norm," BYU Student Honor Administrator Tyler Barton told the school newspaper, which then gave him the award for Squarest Quote of the Year.

It should be noted that BYU is, in fact, a religious college run by the LDS Church, so it's not totally bizarre that they have Honor Code rules that may seem unusually strict to outsiders. That said, I think there's a decent chance Joseph Smith is wearing a loose man bun in this portrait.

This 13-year-old actress has the best dieting advice ever

The only thing I knew about any of the kids on the show Girl Meets World prior to this moment is that one of the characters is called Farkle, because that was my childhood nickname. But now that I've read Elle's interview with Rowan Blanchard, the actress who plays the titular Girl, I know that she's my new hero.

After disgustedly recalling that someone on the red carpet once asked her if she had diet tips for other young teens—WTF, right?—Blanchard said, "Seriously, I'm 13! The only 'dieting tip' I have is, like, 'If you don't order fries, you'll probably be mad.'"


Maybe don't keep builder's foam in the bathroom?

It's yet to be confirmed if this story—making the rounds on social media and news sites—is authentic or recent, but at the very least, we can all learn an important lesson: keep your building materials far, far away from your beauty products.

An unnamed woman in Eastern Europe supposedly ended up in the ER after accidentally applying builder's foam—that stuff that expands to fill in cracks and whatnot around the house and, according to Trista, won't even come off with paint thinner—instead of mousse. Despite this being widely reported, no one seems to know how doctors dealt with this fiasco.

However, one person dealt with it by created the weirdest 50 seconds on YouTube:

  • Are you looking forward to the MAC/Mariah Carey collaboration?
  • Man buns don't bother me—how about you?
  • Would you like fries with that?