Mariah Carey Probably Won't Coat Her Hair in Gold Leaf Even Though It's THE Holiday Trend

Plus: an unconventional beauty pageant, dudes transforming into Disney princesses, and more in this weekend's beauty news.
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November 29, 2015
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Hi everyone! Did you eat yourself into a coma this weekend? It was MY BIRTHDAY on Friday so I am considering it a free pass to eat all the lefse and cake I want.

Let’s see what happened in the beauty world while we were busy giving thanks and buying $3 gloves (or $10 Sephora sets).

Americans are fixated on Presidential hair

Sarah Palin’s “bump.” John Edwards’ $400 haircut. Hillary’s scrunchie. Why are we so obsessed with the hairstyles of our presidential candidates? (Obviously Trump is in a category all his own here.)

Glamour did a deep dive into the history of our fascination with the hair atop our presidential hopefuls’ heads and how social media plays a role in the way we perceive them. I was always a fan of the powdered-wig era, myself. Or what about Mamie Eisenhower’s curly bangs? Iconic.

There's a Holocaust survivors' beauty pageant, and it just crowned its third queen

In Haifa, Israel, the third annual Holocaust Survivors Beauty Contest was held and crowned its winner, 83-year-old Rita Berkowitz. Berkowitz migrated to Israel in the early ‘50s and received her crown from the former Miss Israel.

The pageant was conceived to give women who were young girls during the Holocaust the chance to experience a rite of passage they missed. Thirteen women were chosen for their personalities and accomplishments and walked the runway to Madonna's “Vogue” and Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman."

Although some critics have complained that the pageant trivializes the Holocaust, one of the judges told NBC, "Each one of them mentioned the fact that she is here because she wants us to remember and to talk about it and to never forget."

National treasure Mariah Carey gives wise beauty advice

Mariah Carey is a paragon. She released the best pop Christmas song of all time (don’t fight it!) and when she appears on HSN, the world stops and makes incredible compilation videos of each and every "moment." Her signature beauty look of a nude lip and slightly smoky eye with a long, voluminous blowout is practically a trademark.

In true diva fashion, Mariah’s beauty advice to her younger self is to speak up when you don’t like something. She told InStyle, “It depends on the type of person you are. Some people might be really vocal and say, 'I hate this, you don't know what you're doing. That's not at all who I am or my personality.”

Umm, OK, Mariah, sure.

Gold leaf is this year's fanciest holiday hair trend

I watched hairstylist Jon Reyman apply gold leaf to a model’s hair at Aveda Congress and he said he accidentally spent a ton of money ordering gold leaf because he forgot it’s actually a precious metal, so be careful when you’re purchasing gold leaf for this holiday hairstyle because it’s actually gold, and gold is expensive.

Anyway, pretty much every beauty outlet is saying you need to wear gold leaf in your hair during the holidays and if you don’t, I won’t talk to you anymore. (You could try it out with a hair tattoo if you’re shy or don’t want to melt gold in your updo.)

Dudes do Disney princess (and by "do," I mean get made over into them)

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO tired of seeing "Disney Princesses reimagined as ____" or "Disney Princesses breastfeeding on the subway" or "Disney Princesses as office supplies." The WORST one, though, was "Disney Princesses in '50 Shades of Grey.'" It’s kind of weird to be into that, isn’t it? I mean, you do your thing and if Prince Eric tying up Ariel is your thing.

Buzzfeed and makeup artist Kandee Johnson paired up to turn average dudes, scruff and all, into the ladies of Disney via makeup, wigs and what appear to be inexpensive Halloween costumes. And I don’t hate it. I think the men are way more into it than they thought they’d be, don’t you? Thank god for spirit gum and glue-stick eyebrows!

Ex-xoJaner Julie tries on the Tom Ford Lips & Boys, I die of jealousy

Any of y'all who’ve been an XO reader from the start will remember Julie Schott, who used to work under Cat in the early days of xoJane. She’s a beauty editor at Elle now and got to test out pretty much all of the new Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection. I am burning up with envy, but Julie’s so cute I can’t be mad.

This collection isn’t just burgundies, corals and reds; there are some weird metallic shades that surprised me. But then again, Tom Ford is never, ever boring.

Did you know there are shades named Louis, Liam and Malik but no Harry or Niall? WTF.

  • What beauty advice would you give your younger self?
  • Do you think melting metal on your head looks cool or crazy?
  • If you were a guy, which Disney Princess would you want to channel and why?
  • Do I need the "Drake" shade of lipstick and should Marci call it in for me? (Probably.) [Editor's note: On it. - Marci]