Deborah Lippmann Says Soaking Your Nails Is A Manicure No-No

Plus: Jemima Kirke's inspiring workout, a tampon commercial that will make you LOL, and more worthy beauty news.

Deborah Lippmann says soaking your nails in water is sabotaging your manicure.

I cannot remember a time when I've had a manicure that didn't involve soaking my fingertips in water. Can you? According to Deborah Lippmann, soaking your nails in water expands your nail plate and results in an uneven polish job. [Teen Vogue]

Jemima Kirke wants to "take the shaming out of the fitness world."

“One thing that’s always been lacking in the feminist movement is the body stuff. We need to take the shaming of out of the fitness world,” says GIRLS star Jemima Kirke, who quit Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer's studio to work out with Brooklyn Strength's Cadence Dubus. The two shared workout moves and talked about getting strong (not skinny) for T Magazine. It's totally inspiring! [T Magazine]

This parody commercial for Women's History Month-themed tampons will make you LOL.

"Greatness. Is it inside of you?" begins this hilarious video created by Upright Citizens Brigade. My favorite part comes at 1:18, because duh all tampons should come with a fortune cookie-style Beyoncé quote.

Chicago spa adds breast milk to clay mask, charges $50.

"The milk comes from donors who eat organic and are vegan," BuzzFeed reports. According to the spa, human breast milk yields better smoothing and re-texturizing results than cow's milk. All I'm thinking is, Fifty bucks for a single clay mask application with some breast milk in it? Nope. [BuzzFeed]

Beauty inspiration from the streets of London.

New York magazine's The Cut sent a street style photographer to different cities around the world for its Global Beauty Week series. I'm not usually one to linger on a street style slideshow, but I love the faces and hairstyles and eyebrows and piercings and bold lip colors in this one. It's also fun to see what all of these stylish ladies do for a living. [The Cut]