Sarah Jessica Parker Uses One Eye Makeup Product Every Day, And It's Not KyShadow

Kick back, get comfortable, and do a #bundrop before reading this week's beauty news.

Soooooo I kind of decided to just not go backstage at any more NYFW shows this week. I was only going to ones before and after office hours or on weekends because the XO staff is so small and I'm afraid to not be at my desk during daylight hours lest things implode, but damn, y'all, Fashion Week is exhausting. I mean, I already knew that, but now that it's spread out at different venues, it's really a pain in the tukhus for an alter cocker like me. (You know you're getting old when you start whipping out the Yiddish.)

I went to the Maybelline party at the Milk Studios penthouse Saturday evening and ran into former xoVain contributor and now Glamour beauty assistant Erin, who was downright effervescent experiencing her first Fashion Week. And I remember that feeling — sort of. I was drunk on free Courvoisier because Fashion Week used to have booze sponsors back when it was all at Bryant Park — this was 2003 — and I came thisclose to stepping on Andre Leon Talley's cape while exiting the Anna Sui show.

I really love seeing all of the makeup, nail and hair ideas come to life on the models — I've even come to love trying to get great photos of the models, even though I suck at it — but sometimes you just have to give your feet and your antiperspirant a break and wait for the PR email that provides all the details about the looks.

Know what I never get tired of? Rounding up weekly beauty news for you guys. Knock back some cognac and let's begin.

Kylie Jenner swatched her new eyeshadow palette in the least helpful way ever

It's always nice when a brand puts out swatches of their latest makeup colors to get shoppers excited and give them a better idea of how the shades look on skin. (Well, almost always nice.) So when Kylie Jenner decided to post swatches of her new KyShadow colors on Snapchat IN BLACK AND WHITE, it left some people scratching their heads.

I get it — it's gotta stay under wraps until some big official announcement gets young makeup lovers all riled up like an Oprah's Favorite Things audience. But all I can think about is the annoyance of having to scrub off all of those swatches that no one even got to see the colors of. What a waste of makeup wipes.

There's one makeup product that pretty much literally never leaves Sarah Jessica Parker's face

Speaking of washing off eye makeup, Sarah Jessica Parker isn't too concerned about such things. She told British Vogue about the one makeup product she wears every day — sometimes because she applied it, and sometimes because it's still on from the day before.

When asked about her signature smoky eye, SJP said, "It’s all I can do! I wear Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Jungle. I wear it almost every single day of my life, even if I’m only doing dishes and wiping rear ends. And I don’t care if it’s there for days — it doesn’t move so when I wash my face at night, or if I wash my face in the shower and it doesn’t come off, I do not care."

And that's not the only beauty product SJP is loyal to.

"I’ve been wearing the same moisturiser for the last eight years — it’s La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane Fluid." So pretty much since Sex and the City ended, if I'm doing the math right.

Forget the mic drop. Behold the bun drop.

If seeing Instagram pictures of people at the gym is #fitspo, then this new phenomenon must be... #growspo?

OK, so that hashtag hasn't caught on yet, but #bundrop has, and although it could imply a number of bread- and butt-related things, it actually refers to videos of women releasing their extremely long hair from their topknots, often in slow motion.

As of writing this, there are about 750 videos on Instagram in this vein, and I have to admit it's pretty mesmerizing. I was already growing out my hair, but now I feel especially motivated.

Maisie Williams takes the piss out of insecurity-centric beauty commercials

Just a couple weeks ago, I was telling you guys that Vanessa Williams is back with Proactiv, this time with her daughter. And while this commercial featuring Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams is not a Proactiv ad — it's actually a commercial for a UK cellphone plan — it is clearly, clearly a spoof of one. And it's friggin' great.

  • Which beauty commercials make you roll your eyes?
  • Have you ever used a beauty product for eight years?
  • Is your hair long enough to #bundrop? I'd really like to see some #bundropfails, to be honest.