The 7 Best 'Mad Men' Beauty Looks of All Time

Seven seasons have brought us so many inspiring, retro moments in gorgeousness.
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May 15, 2015
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It took me a couple of years to catch up to Mad Men madness, but once I started watching I was hooked.

Yes, the fashion on the show is great. And yes, the set designs are fantastic. And yes, there are a lot of good-looking people to ogle. But there have been so many incredible beauty moments that have taken a backseat to some of the other aspects of the show, and they deserve to be recognized.

So, in no particular order, here are my top seven favorite beauty looks that have graced the small screen over the last seven seasons.

Joan’s Braided Updo

Joan is always flawless, but her work-to-fun appropriate makeup combined with that braided updo is everything.

Betty’s Italian Makeover

Everything about her represents the past—Don’s past, her past, America’s past—and that aspect of her character makes sense. Betty never changes, just like the past can’t change. But when she got that modern makeover in Italy, OH MAN, did she kill it.

Megan’s Mod Look

While Betty personifies the past, Megan represents the present. She’s young and trendy, so it makes a lot of sense that so many of her looks have a mod influence. Don may have ignored her, but that eye makeup and the big hair forced everyone else to pay attention.

Sally’s “Betty” Hair

Sally is the greatest. In season 7, she sported a look that was much more Betty than the Sally we had come to know. But this hair, aside from being voluminous and glamorous, drives in the idea that no matter how much she might protest, she is her mother’s daughter.

Joan’s Beach Look

I’m a sucker for a headscarf. And the best part is that she has the perfect amount of volume at the crown of her head to counteract the width of that headscarf.

Sally’s Brows

Step aside, Cara Delevigne; Sally Draper’s brows have arrived.

Peggy’s Confidence

Okay, so attitude isn’t really a physical quality, but it’s definitely a beauty tool to admire. Peggy radiates confidence in everything she does; even when she’s nervous, she’s not afraid to take a risk. If strength in character is a trait of beauty, then Peggy Olsen is the most beautiful woman alive.

The best part of all of these looks is that in one way or another they can be tweaked to fit a modern look or they can worn as part of a retro-fitted, vintage style.

  • What was your favorite beauty look from Mad Men?
  • How are you celebrating the series finale?