Cover Yourself in the Scent of a Dead Loved One to Mask the Smell of Onions Emanating from Your Brows

Well, that was the weirdest headline I've ever written.

Hi everyone! Marci is stuck in moving hell this week, so I'm filling in as your benevolent substitute teacher — her words, not mine. I'm actually feeling kind of cranky, so you better sit up straight and pay attention to this week's beauty news because there may or may not be a pop quiz at the end.

Seriously, put your cell phones away cause here we go.

You can now bottle a loved one's scent for only $609

Everyone knows how comforting it can be to inhale the scent of a loved one, whether it's your grandma's perfume or that weird corn-chip scent of your dog's paws. Now you can get a whiff of that scent anytime thanks to French biotech company Kalain, according to Fusion.

For $609, they'll bottle the scent of a recently deceased loved one (or less morbidly, someone who lives far away from you) by using a piece of their clothing.

Personally, I know that whenever I imagined the future, I skipped right past images of flying cars to picturing my collection of dead people fragrances on my dresser.

MAC just announced a new collaboration and some people are VERY excited about it...

Including our friend Alle over at Revelistremember that gal? Yeah, she's pretty cool. She's also a proud nerd, which is why it's no surprise that she's joining the collective flip-out on the internet over the new MAC Star Trek collection. That's right: a 25 piece line of makeup inspired by the women of Star Trek is coming out online on August 25 (and September 1 in stores) to celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary.

Personally, I was always more of a Star Wars girl myself, but I'm very happy for all you Trekkies (and I can't wait to see what Alle does with the makeup when she gets her hands on it, obviously).

I kind of feel bad for Emma Watson right now

That's probably silly since she's rich, famous, and beautiful — but it's still gotta suck when you're suddenly the face of a controversy because of an ad you did years ago.

Watson was the face of Lancôme's Blanc Expert from 2011 to 2013 and is now being criticized for appearing in an ad campaign that some say is an endorsement of skin-whitening products. Others argue that the Lancôme product merely offers solutions to hyperpigmentation and dark spots, rather than straight-up skin bleaching.

Whatever the case, Refinery29 put it best when they explained how the controversy has opened up "an online dialogue." Watson isn't required to weigh in, of course, but if she does I'm sure her input will be honest and thoughtful as usual. (FINE, I admit that I'm biased because I love Hermione AND have a total crush on Emma Watson. I agree that skin-bleaching products suck, though!)

Would you rub onions on your eyebrows to help them grow?

Beauty blogger Huda Kattan recently posted a video on her Instagram suggesting that rubbing raw onions all over your eyebrows will help them grow thicker and faster.

I don't think I really need to say this here because you're a pretty smart bunch, but I wouldn't recommend this method. Besides the potential horror of getting onion juice in your eyes, Allure talked to several experts who debunked the idea of onions as a solution for eyebrow growth. Luckily, xoVain has tons of much better eyebrow growth advice that you can try instead.

Charlie XCX does her boyfriend's makeup, partners with Make Up For Ever, makes me love her even more.

I love Charlie XCX, so I am super excited to get my hands on the new Make Up For Ever line of vibrant eyeliner: Aqua XL. It's a no-brainer that they partnered with Charlie XCX for this line, since she loves to wear bold makeup (and looks awesome doing it).

No word on whether she's used the MUFE eyeliner on her boyfriend yet, but the full interview with her on People is worth a read.

OK, that's all the news for this week! Leave an apple (or preferably, a red lipstick) on the desk on your way out after answering these questions:

  • Do you think the scent of a loved one as perfume is creepy or comforting?
  • Would you be desperate enough to try rubbing onions on your eyebrows?
  • Do you think the Emma Watson ad deserves criticism?
  • Are you going to buy the new MAC line or the new MUFE line? You can only choose one!