You're Going to Love MAC Selena Lipstick So Much, You'll Get a Tattoo of It

Don't forget to wear your favorite sheet mask on the way to the tattoo parlor.
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April 13, 2016
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Happy belated birthday to me! I turned the big 3-7 yesterday. OK, so there's nothing all that big about 37. It marks my entrance into my late thirties, I guess? Both Claire Danes and Jennifer Morrison (who's apparently on Once Upon a Time, but I only know her as Cameron from House) walked through that figurative doorway with me yesterday, so I'm in good company.

I would've liked to get a new tattoo as a birthday gift to myself, but between my recent moving expenses and the eye-popping amount of money I just realized I owe the IRS after freelancing almost all of last year โ€” word of advice, freelancers: pay as you go โ€” I will not be splurging on anything any time soon.

I'll just have to live vicariously through other people who are getting tattoos, like this beauty-news veteran...

Remember that guy who got the Kylie Lip Kit logo tattooed on his arm? He wasn't done.

In late 2015, Kylie Jenner superfan Johnny Cyrus became the recipient of a lot of opinions when he got the logo of the seemingly-always-sold-out Kylie Lip Kit tattooed on his upper arm. A normal fan might stop there, but like I said, like, 40 words ago, he's a superfan.

So, right under his crown and K tattoo โ€” presumably for "King Kylie," what she calls herself on Instagram and... other places? โ€” on his forearm, Johnny got swatches of Kylie Lip Kit shades.

He's apparently been talking about it for over a month โ€” he even polled his Twitter followers to determine the shape of the swatches โ€” so you can't say it was impulsive. And I do think it's pretty creative. I could definitely see Kara getting a tattoo swatch of MAC Red.

Speaking of MAC lipsticks...

MAC has started teasing the Selena collection, even though it comes out in six months

Is it just me, or is a MAC collection inspired by beloved late Tejana pop star Selena Quintanilla the result of xoVain commenters wishing really hard for this to happen?

Well, regardless of how it came to be, MAC Selena officially launches in October, and the wait is being made all the more bittersweet by the revelation of Como La Flor Lipstick, one of several products in the limited-edition line.

From the graphic supplied by MAC, it appears to be a vibrant berry shade.

"I wanted the colours to be about her personally, what she wore on and offstage," says Selena's sister, Suzette who helped curate the collection.

I, for one, associate Selena with a bold, brick-red lip, so I'm hoping a shade like that shows up come October.

Put this woman in an Etude House commercial!

I know you guys don't love slideshows โ€” and I don't think we've ever used one in a news roundup before โ€” but I'll be damned if this story doesn't call for one.

She goes on to show that after washing with an oil cleanser, the brows faded significantly, so she immediately reapplied the gel and got even better results. You can see the whole experience on the original imgur post.

Yes, I have already offered this as a beauty-dare assignment to my xoVain writers

A woman in Ningbo, China, has become a local celebrity โ€” and now an internet celebrity โ€” after being regularly spotted wearing a skincare mask on public transportation during morning rush hour.

The video that the still above comes from shows the masked woman, known only as Joey, sleeping through (or ignoring) the pleas of a disapproving passenger: "It's absolutely terrifying. Tomb sweeping festival has just gone. Why are you applying the face mask here? 'It's too terrifying. What is going on?" she says in the local dialect.

Although Joey didn't answer Mrs. Scaredy Sunglasses, The Daily Mail says she has told local reporters that she doesn't have the time to do her skincare routine at night anymore because she's been working longer hours in preparation for taking time off for her upcoming honeymoon. (Congrats, Joey!)

"Her new schedule has caused havoc with her skin so the bride-to-be has decided to use the face masks on her way to work everyday so she could still look beautiful for her big day," TDM reports.

Wish me luck in convincing one of my subway-commuting contributors to give this a try! (I will also accept biking to work with a sheet mask on.)

  • Would you ever wear a sheet mask on your way to work?
  • Do you have a beauty-related tattoo? (I do!)
  • Have you tried that Etude House brow gel?