MAC is Opening a Makeup Salon—EVERYBODY STAY CALM

Also, please don't wear stencils on your skin and lie out in the sun without sunscreen like some doofuses are apparently doing.
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July 1, 2015
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It's weirdly easy to forget, living in New York, that I have access to cool stuff that a lot of other folks around the country/world may not be able to enjoy—at least not yet. It's a city of flagships and trendsetters, and I always kick myself when something like a temporary art exhibit or show comes and goes and I don't take advantage of my proximity.

Well, I will definitely take advantage of this first news item, even though it's on the Upper East Side and Brooklyn folks like me scoff at traveling such distances...

MAC is opening a salon where you can get your makeup done whenever the hell you feel like it.

Sure, you've gone to a MAC store and hoped a salesperson would beat your whole face if you promised to maybe buy a lipstick after you circle the mall one more time and see what else is out there, but the purpose of a MAC store is exactly that: a store. What's opening on Lexington Avenue in New York City in a couple weeks, MAC Makeup Studio, offers a totally different approach.

“This is the first time we’re putting services out in front,” creative director James Gager told The New York Times. You'll be able to make appointments for full lookbook styles, as well as—and this is genius, because most of us suck at, like, one thing—à la carte services like a cat eye or contouring.

And yes, if it goes well, they are planning to expand beyond this location.

Taraji P. Henson has purple-and-gray hair now and no damage to show for it.

#playingWithColor 💜💙💋

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I never get tired of seeing celebrities going for unconventional hair colors, probably because I still haven't quenched my personal thirst to try it myself. And if I do, I think I might do it the Taraji P. Henson way: long-distance. To keep Henson’s hair healthy, People StyleWatch reports, she and her stylist, Marcia Hamilton, customized a wig with Pravana dyes.

“When I did the first color I sent her a pic—I think she was out of the country,” Hamilton told People StyleWatch. “She responded ‘More purple.’ So I went back to drawing board to recreate. Once done I gave it to her. But she had many shoots scheduled and had to wait to play with our new look. I posted both before and after colors on my Instagram!”

Choose your own subheader: Sunburn art is apparently a trend or Some people are really effing stupid.

According to the Mirror and reportedly popping up on Instagram, people are deliberately creating patterns on their skin by lying out in the sun with stencils or shapes and without common sense or enough sunscreen.

Please don't do this.

Harnaam Kaur proves you can be a beautiful bride in your own unique way.

“I am a British-born female living in Slough,” Harnaam Kaur told RockNRoll Bride. “I am a little different from other women," and she's referring, at the very least, to the beard she has grown as a result of polycystic ovary syndrome and chooses to not shave or wax off. And even though she's not currently engaged to be married, the publication imagined her as an ethereal bride with flowers fully surrounding her face. Incredible.

Aaaaaaaaaand there's another 100 Years of Beauty video. This time: Russia.

I'm 25% Russian, but I'm 100% into this new Cut clip.

  • Would you get your makeup done at the MAC studio?
  • What unique feature would you want to play up your wedding?
  • Why are people still getting sunburns on purpose and can I please mail them glitter?