Does the Nail Polish in MAC's New "It's a Strike!" Collection Resist Bowling-Induced Chipping?

This and other question may or may not get answered in this weekend's beauty news.
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August 7, 2016
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Guess what time it is? No, not Bloody Mary time — it's NEWS TIME! Yayyyyy! I love writing the weekend news for you guys; it's like a fun little ritual for me. I have my coffee and doodle around online to find you the best, most interesting or most amusing news stories.

When all else fails with your 'do, you can go to a hair healer

Vogue writer Eviana Hartmann had been having a tough time — going through a divorce, as well as the illness and death of a parent — and found solace in New Age treatments like reiki. She decided to apply those philosophies to her hair, which was thinning badly, and visited a "chieftess of the psychic hair salon wigwam" (hair expert Colleen McCann's words, not mine) on her quest to find inner peace for her follicles.

The hair healer, named Scarborough, has a master's in spiritual psychology, and she begins Hartmann's treatment by helping her open her crown chakra. They go on to talk about crystals, chemicals, and more.

Do you think this is a bunch of hippie-dippie hooey? One thing that resonated with me in the story was that Hartmann was thankful for the stylist letting her vent. It's something I've heard from a lot of my stylist friends; they're happy to serve as therapists of a sort when clients are in their chair, and often after a session with my favorite stylist, I do have more peace of mind and feel a little lighter. I get that "healing" aspect for a hair appointment for sure, and I think it's important for us to remember that beauty treatments, even if they involve crystals, can be really restorative for our souls and brains.

Kim's cool bob was just a wig

When Kim Kardashian stepped out with another long, shiny lob like the one she sported last year, I was pumped. I love my Kimberly Noel Kardashian West when she's rocking shorter hair, and on her app (which I obviously subscribe to), she says she's been dying to cut her hair.

Love this look. I break it down on my app!

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However, this lob was just a wig.

Oh, those Kardashians — they're so lucky with that access to gorgeous, expensive wigs. Kim says that stylist Chris Appleton cut the wig into a lob, then flat-ironed it pin-straight and cut blunt ends. I love it! I wish she'd take the plunge and chop her hair again.

MAC's new makeup collection is about bowling. What.

Yes, you read that right: MAC's latest collection is about bowling. Yes, the kind that you play in a pair of stinky old shoes while drinking pitchers of beer, sometimes in the flattering shades of a blacklight.

Allure's got the first look at the new collection, called It's a Strike! The colors are pretty and a little weird and '70s-inspired, which I suppose fits with the bowling theme. But... bowling? Seriously? Inspiration really must be everywhere.

  • What was your middle school makeup look? Are any of those products still in your makeup bag?
  • Are you thinking about cutting your hair a la Kimmy K? Do it!
  • Do you bowl? Are you good? Would you wear this MAC makeup while you knock down pins?