MAC Announces ANOTHER Collaboration, but Seriously, How Does Jennifer Lopez Look 19 in This Makeup-Free Video?

Also, what's going on with John Travolta's eyebrows?

Before we dive into the real beauty news of the weekend, can we just take a minute to discuss the beauty looks in American Crime Story? I finally watched the premiere episode, and it’s safe to say that I’m going to be addicted to this series about the O.J. Simpson trial, which happened when I was in first or second grade. I remember watching the verdict in the cafeteria and all my teachers yelling in disbelief.

Anyway, I digress. Can we just talk about John Travolta’s eyebrows and spray tan as attorney Robert Shapiro, or Sarah Paulson’s hilarious Marcia Clark perm/wig? And then you’ve got Connie Britton and that hair as the morally corrupt Faye Resnic. I’m obsessed. I can't wait to see all the Halloween costumes that spring up from the show.

I literally want someone to print out photos of John Travolta in his costume and frame them for me as a Valentine because it delights me so much.

MAC announces yet another collab, making this the approximately 22,000th

Is MAC ever not collaborating with someone famous? It seems like we get a new mini-collection every other week. Sometimes it’s Marilyn Monroe! Sometimes it’s Ellie Goulding! And sometimes it’s … dogs? [Editor's note: Not gonna lie — I LOVED the Haute Dogs collection. - Marci]

On March 17, MAC is unveiling a new collaboration with four on-the-verge musicians, including Tinashe, who is one of my favorites as of late. She’ll be joined by Halsey, Lion Babe and Dej Loaf. MAC is hoping to make this Future Forward collaboration a recurring campaign, so they’ll continue to partner with innovative figures in the music world.

First up is Tinashe’s eyeshadow palette, which she designed from top to bottom, packaging and all. I think the buzziest product will be Halsey’s greyish-blue matte lip, so if you can’t wait to get your hands on it, you better make friends with a MAC artist ASAP. (It lands on counters in April.)

Wanna know more about this new project? MAC’s creative director James Gager and the four musicians chatted with Billboard about their hopes for the Future Forward collaboration and what inspired each product, so click through for details.

J Lo looks like an insanely beautiful person without makeup, which isn't surprising, so why is everyone losing their minds?

I really don’t understand why the internet is freaking out over the fact that Jennifer Lopez, the world’s most beautiful and perfect woman who has discovered the key to aging in reverse, let her BF record her without makeup. I mean, look at her. If I looked like that without my brows and foundation on, I’d be making everyone do Dubsmashes with me too!

Jennifer’s dude, Casper Smart, posted this cute Dubsmash of the two of them to his Instagram and the world lost its mind.

In the video, JLo and Casper are just chilling in what looks to be someone’s bed, so of course she’s not in her full red carpet makeup. She’s a real person, you know! She’s Jenny from the Block! Fame hasn’t changed her! She’ll make a makeup-free video if she wants! (And she should, because she looks about 19 in this video.)

WTF is a Tweexy?

You know, I could really make a career as a beauty writer who only reviews weird beauty gadgets. There are so many! Something new is invented every day, and some go on to greatness, filling a void we didn’t know existed.

Such is the Tweexy, a two-finger ring that holds a bottle of nail polish steady so you can paint your nails without worrying about accidentally knocking the bottle over and shattering it, spilling red polish all over your white porcelain bathroom floor. Not that this has ever happened to me.

I don’t paint my own nails anymore because I have acrylics, but if I did, I’d probably find this Tweexy kinda useful. It would have been extra-necessary when I lived with two cats who loved nothing more than knocking things off the table. You can even play a ukulele and do your nails with the help of your trusted Tweexy!

Get yours for just $14.95 on Amazon.

People love Disney parks so much they want their homes to smell like them

Those "Disney Princesses reimagined as X" listicles that seem to go viral every other day are the bane of my existence. No, I don't want to see princesses as characters from 50 Shades of Grey. Make it stop.

People luuuuuuv Disney, though, and they were so pumped about this Disney-inspired candle line that it sold out hardcore. I mean, hardcore enough that the line had to close up shop for a few days just to fill the orders. When they're available again, you're more than welcome to buy candles reminiscent of the Haunted Mansion or Belle's Library.

IDK, man, I think I'll settle for basic ambery-vanilla candles myself. But if you're into Disney, then get on the waiting list!

Wear an oil spill on your lips for fashion’s sake

Considering I’ve been wearing the same slash of red lipstick for almost 14 years, it’s pretty unlikely I’d ever try the new “oil slick” lip trend. I’m going to challenge Kelly and Tamara to have at it; Kelly's been doing oil slick lips lately as is! Trendsetter.

This isn’t a trend for beginners; check out Cosmo’s roundup of some of the most intense and beautiful attempts. How does this even work? I can’t stop staring. It looks like something Derek Zoolander would wear at a Mugatu show.

  • And speaking of Zoolander, are any of you going to see Zoolander 2 this coming week? I’m going on opening night, because of course I am.
  • Are you watching American Crime Story? Who's your favorite, style-wise? Do you remember the trials?
  • What frustrates you when you're painting your nails? Do you think the Tweexy would be useful to you? Does your cat throw stuff off the table too?
  • When are beauty sites going to throw in the towel and say, "Guess what? Basic pink lipstick is the coolest trend ever. It's fine to be basic." Or do you dig the oil slick look?
  • Are you a sucker for those "Celebrities without Makeup" issues of tabloids? I kind of am.