Another Celebrity Beauty Lawsuit to Think About in the Shower

Plus, men totally follow you on Snapchat for your intelligence.
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February 14, 2016
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Happy Valentine's Day, xoVain babes! I love you all almost as much as I love Girl Scout cookies and Cadbury eggs, my two favorite food groups this time of year. At press time, I have eaten approximately 15 Cadbury eggs, which I then work off by doing an extra session of Blogilates cardio. (In eight-minute increments, I don't feel like I'm going to die; I actually started to like cardio!)

What are you doing this day of love? I'm going to brunch and shooting some xoVain stories, myself, then maybe texting with Rachel about our favorite romantic episodes of Gossip Girl.

Anyway, let's dive into the news so you guys can get back to eating candy, banging and watching Lifetime movies.

Cosmo beauty editor lives MY DREAM: living as Marilyn Monroe for a week

As you may know, I am 100% obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and always have been. I've read most books about her (I'll tell you which ones are legit and which are trash, if you're curious) and spent most of my teenage years watching her movies on VHS and learning how to hot-roll my hair in Marilyn curls.

Cosmopolitan senior beauty editor Loni Venti (who you should totally follow on Instagram) loves Marilyn, too, and she spent a week dressing, eating and styling herself like the icon. Yes, that means she choked down the raw eggs in warm milk that MM famously said was an important part of her diet. She also got to partake in Marilyn's lengthy makeup routine, diving deep into old-school tips from her makeup artist, Allen Snyder, to learn how he created that iconic Marilyn look, and learned that setting your hair isn't very efficient when you're trying to get to the office.

The story isn't all glam time and sexy dresses, though. Loni confesses she's dealt with serious insecurity her whole life, and that's one reason why she identifies with Marilyn, who was notoriously troubled despite her beauty and talent. When Loni wears a curve-hugging dress, it's hard for her to silence the voice inside telling her she doesn't have the right body for it, but she eventually embraces the look and has fun with it.

It's a super-cute experiment, and I'd love to do something like it. After all, I try to channel MM most every day. (Maybe not today, as I'm wearing glasses, a giant Alan Jackson sweatshirt and some Walmart shorts.)

Kendall Jenner sues acne company for $10 mil

Don't use Kendall Jenner's visage to sell your products without asking her, OK? Though Kendall admitted to using a Cutera laser treatment on her app, she's not cool with the company using her image all over New York City to advertise their services. So she called up Mama Kris (I imagine) and they filed a $10 million lawsuit against the company.

When your face is as increasingly famous as Kendall's is, you gotta protect it, you know? I wouldn't want to stare down Kris Jenner in court!

Also, considering Kendall is a very high-profile new face of Estée Lauder, she probably has a pretty hardcore non-compete, don't you think? Read more over at Marie Claire.

Are dudes more attracted to your brain (and your earning power) than your face?

A recent study done by Northwestern University and the University of Innsbruck revealed that in "gender egalitarian" countries like the U.S. and Finland, men are becoming more attracted to women because of their intelligence and not their youth and beauty. This should be a resounding "DUH," but science has finally aligned with it, simple as it may seem to all of us.

According to Allure, changing gender roles mean that both men and women are looking for a partner who is capable, intelligent and able to provide for a family. In the past, this was something women looked for in men, but since it's not 1950 anymore, it has changed for dudes, too.

A professor at Northwestern, Alice Eagly, told the Daily Beauty Reporter, "Women always valued accomplishment and intelligence in men because those qualities go with being a good provider. What's new is that women are being valued in the same way. Also, there is some evidence that both sexes value intelligence and education more than in the past."

Pat McGrath has Snapchat!

The most famous makeup artist ever (at least since the death of Kevyn Aucoin), Pat McGrath, has Snapchat! Pat McGrath and I do not have this in common, as I am a Snapchat holdout. She gave her followers a serious backstage peek at Rihanna's Puma show; you might want to consider following Pat to see what she does during NYFW, because it's definitely going to be magical.

Do you think she'll make her models puke rainbows? I hear you can do that on Snapchat.

See more of her snaps on

Let's go peeking in showers around the world!

Did that sound creepy? Well, it's a cultural shower snoop I was referring to. Refinery29 went on a very in-depth tour of showers around the world, observing how people in different countries complete the bathing ritual.

People in Australia like to use shower gel and loofahs, and there's no such thing as dry shampoo in hygienic Japan. They do, however, have some pretty fancy toilets with heaters. It's totally fascinating to read. I LOVE looking in my friends' showers and bathroom cabinets to see which products they use, don't you?

  • Should I get Snapchat? Why or why not?
  • Which celebrity would you like to live like for a week? Why?
  • And finally, what's the best Girl Scout cookie? (Just wondering.)