This Week's Beauty News is All Rainbows and Lawsuits

Plus: A five-year-old proves you don't have to be drunk or sad to drastically cut your bangs.
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January 27, 2016
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Well, the biggest news today, obviously, is that Time Inc opened up a juice bar in our office building. GET EXCITED FOR FRUIT LIQUID Y'ALL! I haven't been to it yet, and I'm not actually sure what floor it's on, but I hear a lot of buzz about its existence from editors on other staffs (Hi InStyle, Essence, Real Simple, etc.! Let's do lunch. Er... let's do juice.)

I realize that my newly convenient access to juice is probably not terribly important to you, so let's move on to more universally interesting beauty news.

Sofia Vergara is suing a beauty brand who really should've known better, COME ON

When it comes to beauty-brand endorsement deals, Sofia Vergara is up to her head and shoulders in them. GET IT? BECAUSE HEAD & SHOULDERS IS ONE OF THE BRANDS. And you can bet companies like CoverGirl pay her ginormous amounts of money to appear in their ads.

Venus Concept, which makes treatments found in medispas, is not one of those companies. However, they've been using Vergara's name and likeness at trade shows and on the internet to promote their skin-tightening treatment, Legacy, all because she posted a photo to social media while she was getting the treatment in 2014.

Because an Instagram photo does not an endorsement make, Vergara is suing Venus Concept's firm little butts off. According to People (also enjoying the new Time Inc juice bar if they can find it), she filed a $15 million lawsuit earlier this week.

"Vergara tried the Legacy treatment, but ultimately did not like it, finding that it was a waste of time and money with little in the way of any results," the court documents say, adding that she "would not use it again, and certainly would not endorse it nor agree to appear in an international advertisement campaign to promote it."

Way harsh, Tai. But also way reasonable.

Secret rainbow hair! (Sung to the tune of "Secret Agent Man," which you're probably too young to know)

Do you work in a job that where your employer or clients would unfairly assume you're a heathenish criminal if your hair color falls out of the "natural" spectrum? Is your hair thick enough that if you swish it around, it wouldn't reveal the under-layers of your hair? Want to feel like a you're an undercover unicorn? WELL, DO I HAVE THE HAIR TREND FOR YOU.

According to PopSugar, this fascinating look is called underlights: "Stylists pin up the top layers of hair, then bleach and color the pieces underneath."

Also, I would just like to point out that the hair above belongs to someone with the Instagram handle @artteacher, which is perfect.

Speaking of rainbows...

If you like your colorfulness more conspicuous and less permanent, WELL, DO I HAVE THE FACE TREND FOR YOU.

Drawing on fake freckles has been a thing for a while (right, Mari?), but they've always skewed realistic. This trend, spotted by Seventeen, is all about dotting on freckles in non-skin colors — everything from purple and pink, like on the gorgeous makeup artist above, to gold, white and blue.

It's not exactly a wear-anywhere kind of look, but your Instagram followers will probably double-tap the hell out of it.

This is probably the best possible outcome when a five-year-old is left alone with scissors

Aubrey Arnold is five years old, so she has a lot of regrettable hair decisions left to make in her life. They probably won't be caught on camera as she's making them, though, like her first self-administered bang trim was.

Posted on Facebook by her grandmother, Debbie, the video below shows what happened when she gave Aubrey her cosmetic case and set up her phone to record video of the little girl playing with her makeup. Grandma walked away, forgetting there were scissors in the case. Bold choices ensued.

Honestly, with that new hairdo and avant-garde lipstick, all little Aubrey needs is some bleach and blackout contact lenses and she could stand in with Die Antwoord.

  • What's the most ridiculous thing you did to your hair as a child?
  • What are you more likely to try: rainbow underlights or rainbow freckles?
  • Should celebrities refrain from posting photos with products if they don't want brands using them for promotional purposes?