The $1 Find That Organized My Lipsticks, Plus COTW!

I found this lipstick organizer in the kids' section at Target for $1 and I'm pretty happy about it.
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March 28, 2015
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I have a lot of lipstick, but for ages I had no good place to store them all. Lipsticks were rolling around in the bottom of various purses, stuffed in pencil cases and makeup bags, collecting dust inside a drawer--you get the idea.

That's why I was so psyched to find this clear plastic tray at Target for $1. That's right: ONE DOLLAR. Normally this type of thing is overpriced, but this one is apparently meant for kids' school supplies. It fits between 24 and 32 lipsticks, and I purchased two of them (the other one is currently holding foundations until my lipstick collection grows).

Now I can see all of my prettiest lipsticks at a glance, which makes me wear them more. As for my taller lip products, like glosses and stains, I keep those in an empty candle jar.

Here are your Comments of the Week!

1. "Ana" has a great tip if you're on a budget and looking for a good face oil.

"Whenever you see an amazing oil that retails for over $20, look up the ingredients and then buy them individually on Garden of Wisdom. Boom. Passion fruit seed oil is the shizzzzzzzzz."

2. "Jane" has a good attitude about dealing with pit stains and sweatiness.

"I've embraced pit stains and general sweatiness by just owning up to my sweaty self, and telling people right off the bat that I'm a sweater. They're going to notice anyways, so I own it. I think it makes others more comfortable if they're feeling perspirational around me, too. Or make jokes about being well-hydrated. OR adopt it as an homage to French beauty and its embrace of the imperfect feminine. Merveilleux!"

3. So many great tips for using loose pigments! Thanks, "Layla!"

"Barry M Dazzle dust all the way for me. I've been using them since I was about 14 (I'm 30 now). Beautiful colours, they blend really well, and as long as I use a primer they stay put. Mix with some saline solution and they make pretty eyeliners, too. A trick I was taught was to sweep a crap load of loose face powder under my eyes and on my cheekbones so that any flecks that fall on my face can easily be brushed away. Works for me."

4. I definitely could have used this tip from "BabeLincoln" when I squirted foundation all over my new shirt the other day.

"PROTIP: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser removes makeup marks, deodorant marks, etc. from clothing. Cost: 2 for $4!"

5. Thanks for the Lush Ultrabland hack, "liljables"!

"One of my little Lush hacks is to put Ultrabland all over my face, massage in, and then apply Ocean Salt. Scrubbing that in works the cleanser into your face even more, and you can rinse off the whole lot! I really love this combo. I feel like the Ultrabland acts as a bit of a barrier, making the Ocean Salt a bit less harsh."

  • Where do you shop for cheap makeup storage supplies?
  • How do you store your lipstick collection?
  • What's your total lipstick count? Mine is about 50, if I count lip gloss.

Photo by Josh Kirby