This Week's Celebrity-Free Beauty News is Full of Very Useful Information

For example: how to stay out of jail.
Publish date:
March 16, 2016

I can't remember the last time there was a beauty news roundup that didn't include at least one celebrity-centric story. Not that there's anything wrong with being interested in celebrity beauty or finding inspiration from them, but if anyone knows that beauty exists far beyond the borders of Hollywood, it's you guys.

This week, and not even on purpose, my picks for beauty news blurbs are devoid of movie, TV and pop stars.

You could be the next Pat McGrath, but first you have to impress Pat McGrath

Although she's not a starlet, Pat McGrath is arguably a celebrity in her own right — a legend in makeup artistry. And when she's not busy making models look even more unattainably beautiful on photo shoots and runways, she's teaching the next generation of makeup-artist legends.

Oh, by the way, you could be one of them.

Pat McGrath has announced an Instagram contest in which you can win a spot in her Lab Master Class. Just post a picture of your version of what she calls "divinely luminescent skin" with the hashtag #TurnYourSkinOn. (I say "just" as if it's easy to create a makeup look that's going to impress Pat McGrath.)

You have until the end of April to enter, and Pat will be regramming some of her personal favorites, which would essentially eliminate your need to seek validation ever again.

If you want to get away with a crime, don't wear lipstick

I don't know how many criminals end up smearing their lipstick against something when committing a crime, but they may want to be especially careful not to now that scientists at Western Illinois University have found a more efficient way to lift and analyze lipstick samples.

I'll let the American Chemical Society explain:

Bad news for THE LIPSTICK PRINT BANDIT, which is a criminal I just totally made up.

Contractions? Check. Ice chips? Check. Gigantic eyeshadow palette? Check.

Makeup artist Alaha Majid apparently wanted to make an especially glamorous first impression on her newborn daughter, because she applied not just a full but elaborate face of makeup while in labor. Like, in the hospital bed. Between contractions.

Majid posted the Instagram photo above as a behind-the-scenes peek at how she basically looked like Kylie Jenner in a photo she posted a few weeks ago right after giving birth.

Impressive, right? I personally have no plans to find myself in this particular position, but if I did, I know I'd have sweat streaks running through my foundation and maybe a strip of false lashes dangling from my nostril.

Tattoos are the new vaccines. Sort of.

According to a new study published in The American Journal of Human Biology, getting tattoos can strengthen your immune system. University of Alabama researchers collected the saliva of 29 people before and after getting a tattoo, and tested the immunoglobulin and cortisol levels in it.

"Their findings uncovered that getting a new tattoo suppresses your immune response because your body is kind of freaked out by the experience initially," MIMI reports. "With that being said, if you have a number of tattoos your immune system gets stronger and your body is less likely to be shocked by the experience the next time you decide to add some art to your skin."

Whoa. I wonder if that's why I've gotten fewer colds since I started getting tattoos. I hope they dig a little deeper into this!

  • Do you have any tattoos?
  • Would you do your makeup while in labor?
  • Committed any makeup-smeared crimes lately?