LashFood vs. GrandeLASH-MD: Which One Encourages the Longest Lashes?

This four-week test resulted in my eyelashes being drastically different lengths.
Publish date:
November 3, 2015
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One of the main reasons I have never messed with eyelash extensions is my fear of addiction. My beauty personality is quite similar to my lifestyle: control must be exerted or there will be blood.

I won’t brag too much—my lashes are pretty great under normal circumstances—but why wouldn’t I want even better ones when presented with the opportunity? The answer to that question is hook of my favorite Billy Idol song: I always want more, more, more.

Trying serums is a harmless way to satiate that desire for the mascara look without any actual mascara. Plus, I'm always game for a long-haul experiment.

Today we’re pitting LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer against GrandeLASH-MD for a four-week trial period. I am so excited to share the results because they're kind of shocking. Though I loved them both, and both did give my eyelid bangs a good zhuzhing, one was clearly much more effective than the other.

Both formulas are expensive. Broken down per month, each formula will run you $25 to $35. When you compare this to Latisse, which averages about $100 per month, it looks like a steal, but when you compare it to cheapie castor oil, it looks like a Fendi bag. Though castor oil has always helped me maintain lovely lashes, being totally objective forces me to admit that the serums did boost overall length and thickness more rapidly. They all require regimented daily application to see results, so if you’re a lackadaisy, you might want to skip (or set an alarm).

These are my baseline lashes before the testing began. Not too shabby, considering it’s one of my only three gifts from my father: long lashes, a sharp musical ear, and a predispositon to addiction.

GrandeLASH-MD was created to enhance the length and thickness of lashes using the power of herbal extracts and prostaglandin, a fatty-acid-sourced substance that works in every animal cell in some way. Prostaglandin is, in my opinion, the star active ingredient of the formula; though there are other nourishing herbs and even hyaluronic acid, they can only help keep lashes nice without the hormone-influencing powers of prostaglandin.

Holy moly, what a difference! They appear to be about half an inch longer after one month of treatment. That’s a major boost! The longest hairs are the hairs right in the center—they almost touch my eyebrows. I can truly curl and go.

LOVE! The master brew of Siberian ginseng and prostaglandin help simulate a similar hormonal effect as that of prescription Latisse in an OTC formulation. No wonder it worked so well! I seriously have so many more lash hairs, and all stuck in the anagen (growth) phase as long as I keep using it.

Next up, we have LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer. The gist of LashFood's recipe is a peptide complex with fruit and flower extracts, amino acids, and hair-boosting ingredient adenosine. This ingredient is like a gentle minoxidil, helping to keep hairs in the anagen phase while also darkening.

You can see very plainly that the lashes are enhanced compared to three weeks prior, but not on the level of GrandeLASH-MD.

Peep LashFood’s supporting mascara. It comes with a primer and the difference is exactly like the serum: Grande was longer, LashFood was thicker.

I noticed both formulas resulted in a serious reduction in shedding lashes. I used to get a few every night, but I distinctly remember noticing only one measly lash fall from the Grande side.

Though I had to switch eyes after the test to even out the extra quarter inch of lashes on my LashFood side, I am not mad at this test at all. It’s way more fun to have differing results than barely perceptible differences. If you are happy with your length, grab LashFood; if you are going for the falsies look, Grande is your go-to.

Lash enhancement is not a cheap habit no matter what your approach. And I won’t lie: it’s addictive. Just knowing that the results stop when you stop also sucks, but I would wager that this is significantly more affordable than eyelash extensions.

Photos: Maria Penaloza