All The Beauty News You'd Be Lost Without This Week

From the latest "most beautiful" celebrity to the most foolish celebrity-inspired beauty trend, here's what's going on in prettiness right now.
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April 22, 2015
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Obviously, the biggest beauty news this week is that I'm back in the saddle at xoVain. OK, that's really only the biggest beauty news to my mom. But hi, you guys! It's so great to be here! I feel like my proverbial butt print is still embedded in the proverbial couch that is this wonderful website.

But let's get to the beauty news people are really talking about this week (or will be soon), shall we?

People has named Sandra Bullock the World's Most Beautiful Woman for 2015.

I don't love the idea of beauty being some kind of high-school superlative in which one woman must rise above all others, but it's pretty cool that People chose the hilarious and smart and sexy Sandra Bullock, who, at 50, becomes the oldest pick in the magazine's history of arbitrarily declaring celebrities Queen of Human Attractiveness. [People]

Kylie Jenner has inspired a dangerous lip-plumping trend on social media.

Even though Alle bestowed upon the world a perfectly good way to get Kylie Jenner's Stay Puft Marshmallow Lips look, the Twitter and Instagram hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge reveals that people are essentially suction-cupping shot glasses over their mouths to force their lips to swell, and as you may imagine, the results can be horrifying: bruising, bleeding, temporary disfigurement, etc. Hard pass. [New York Daily News]

Cosmetics could get safer over the next few years if these senators have anything to say about it.

Cosmetics companies currently have no legal obligation to tell you about any potentially harmful effects their products may have, which kind of sucks, so I was psyched to hear that a couple of senators are trying to pass a bill that would have the FDA reviewing the safety of five major cosmetic ingredients each year. It may not sound like much, but considering FDA policies on personal-care products haven't been updated for the better part of a century, it's at least a step in a safer direction. The legislation would not apply to cosmetic use of shot glasses. [Bustle]

Consumer Reports figured out which beauty-box subscription is the best deal.

ShopSmart, the magazine from Consumer Reports that you bought that one time thinking it was like Lucky but it wasn't, analyzed the value of eight different mailed-to-your-house beauty boxes: Allure Sample Society, BeautyArmy, Birchbox, Blissmo, GlossyBox, Goodebox, Ipsy, and Julep Maven. Spoiler alert: the cheapest one is not the best deal. [WABC]

Hilary Duff's hair isn't green anymore, but it's not blonde again, either.

Hilary Duff is not like a regular mom; she's a cool mom. Also, I still can't believe Hilary Duff is a mom--isn't she 12? Anyway, she continues to prove her cool-momness--and just general coolness--with gorgeous non-natural hair colors. No longer sporting the teal shade she had for a while, Hilary's hair is now an awesome grayish-lilac mix. Please note, this news item would've been much higher up in this post if Hillary Clinton's hair was now lilac. [Refinery29]

  • Got any beauty news/gossip you wanna talk about?
  • Do you currently have a fun non-natural hair color?
  • Have you tried the #KylieJennerChallenge, and if so, ARE YOU OK?!