Beauty Roundup: Kylie Jenner Wants Us To Stop Talking About Her Lips

Plus: A mother enters her fetus into a beauty pageant, your receipts are covered in toxic chemicals, and beauty looks from Toronto Fashion Week.

Kylie Jenner Wants Us All To "Get Our Lives Together"

Kylie Jenner took to Twitter to tell us how she really feels about us all talking about her infamous lips.

“Let's get a [sic] our lives together guys and talk about some important sh-t. Just talk about something new at least. I'm bored."

Well, we’d be bored, too, if Alle didn’t do a good job at re-creating her signature look. [Marie Claire]

Women Are Injecting Fat Into Their Hands To Make Them Look Younger

There are women injecting fat from their own thighs into their hands and face the a quest to appear younger. You’ve probably heard of fat grafting procedures being done for butt lifts and even breast lifts, but to “perk up” the hands and eye area is a bit of a stretch--a scary stretch. [Daily Mail]

INNI Design Needs Your Help To Launch Exclusive Nail Wrap Designing App

Today INNI is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to launch INNI Mobile, an app that’ll allow you to create custom nail wraps with the snap of a picture. If they raise $50,000, the app will be rolling out in the spring--but you could get early access and a free set of wraps by donating $16. [INNI]

Can Holding A Receipt In Your Hands Case Cancer?

A study conducted at the University of Missouri (M-I-Z... no Tigers?) showed that receipt paper contains bisphenol-A (aka BPA), a chemical used in plastic that has been linked to an increased risk of cancer to those who come in contact with it. Researchers have shown that the chemical is rapidly absorbed through skin after holding a receipt for about a minute--and even more the the chemical is absorbed by those who use hand sanitizer. [StyleCaster]

Dame Helen Mirren Is The New Face Of L’Oréal UK

The 69-year-old actress will join Andie MacDowell, Julianne Moore, and Diane Keaton (all of whom are over 50, btw) as a face of the global mega-brand. Everyone is kind of making a big deal about it as if age was anything but a number. I mean look at how gorgeous she is. Pure beauty. []

A Mother Entered Her Fetus Into A Beauty Pageant

Two questions. How and why? I understand seeing the beauty in your baby before he or she is born (kinda), but this is a bit... extreme. I need to know who allowed this to happen. Now. Somebody tell me. [The Stir]

Doll-Like Lashes, Glitter-Covered Scalps, and Pop-Art Inspired Nails at Toronto Fashion Week

Just when you thought fashion week (month) was over, Toronto came through and dumped more beauty trends on our heads (literally). Ones that we are loving: the sick nail art (that I would totally see Zoe doing for us) and glitter-covered scalps spotted at the Hayley Elsaesser show. Yep, that’s officially my NYE hair look. [Fashion Magazine]