There are Two Kardashian-Centric Stories in This Week's Beauty News — Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

But there are also doggies. And Zendaya.
Publish date:
February 17, 2016

Typically, I'd leave Kardashian/Jenner beauty news to their steadfast disciple and weekend beauty news writer, Kara, but they've been really racking up the beauty headlines this week.

And I don't mean just, like, "Kim wore a blonde wig to the Yeezy fashion show and, oh, hey, it's the next day and she's still wearing it." I have some editing judgment. Rather, it's stuff that you might actually find useful.

And besides, I don't like to approach beauty news about Kylie/Kendall/Kim/Khloe/the other one with the assumption that they are disliked by everyone who reads xoVain and that you're all beyond the point of peak saturation with them. I know at least one person who can't get enough (ahem — Kara), so surely some of you enjoy reading about their beauty shenanigans. Or at least you're agreeably indifferent. (That's the camp I fall into.)

The Lip Kit wasn't enough — Kylie Jenner is launching nail polish, too (sort of)

OK, so Kylie Jenner isn't getting her own nail polish brand — yet (cue ominous chord) — but she is teaming up with SinfulColors to release three limited-edition collections, starting with one called King Kylie. The colors will be added to the preexisting SinfulShine range.

"I love getting my nails done and nails in general," she told WWD. I, too, enjoy getting my nails done and also being in possession of fingernails. "Right now I really like the pinks." Although they're not pictured in the initial promo imagery above, the King Kylie collection will include pink shades called Miss Majesty and Miss Chief.

Um, I think you mean Miss Khief, Kylie.

Enough about Kylie's nails — here are Kim's boobs

Kim Kardashian's breasts have long seemed to defy gravity under outfits in which no bra could possibly be worn. Quite a feat, as they are not teensy-tiny. I, for one, never go braless, which means I also never wear backless dresses or extraordinarily deep (I'm talking below the ribs) V necks.

So, how does she do it?, you might ask. Well, even if you mightn't ask, she has answered on her website, which we refuse to pay for access to, but MIMI has a membership, so that's the next best thing since I sit right next to them at the office.

"I've used everything from duct tape to packing tape to masking tape and I think that the best I found is gaffer's tape," she posted. "It sticks best!"

I nominate Kara to try this and report back.

Zendaya did her own Grammys makeup — with drugstore products

Oh, Zendaya! Will you ever cease to impress us with your beauty multifariousness and adroitness and can you tell I have my MacBook's thesaurus open?

The latest CoverGirl spokeswoman may not be a professional makeup artist, but she's become known for her application skills. So the Grammys were a perfect opportunity to combine her brand-ambassadorship with her talent.

"She used the highly pigmented natural shades in the TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette in Nude. Then, she defined her eyes with Intensify Me! Liquid Liner in Intense Black and boosted her lashes with Plumpify Mascara," Us Weekly reports. "She applied TruBlend Liquid Makeup in Caramel Beige, then added TruBlend bronzer and TruBlend blush for a fresh pop of color on her cheeks. She even used the lightest shade in the eye shadow palette as a highlighter for the top of her cheekbones."

And you can hear straight from the source what she used on her lips:

Dogs didn't do their own hair (fur?) for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, but they used drugstore products, too

I am officially jealous of The Cut's Associate Beauty Editor, Ashley Weatherford, because she went to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show to get the inside scoop on the show-dog beauty secrets. Dogs and beauty are basically my life, so kudos to Ashley for living my best life.

The best tidbit she uncovered: "We learned that Pantene's Moisture Renewal was the shampoo favored by the most discerning trainers and that shower caps can protect precious canine facial hair from getting too wet."

She also gave my life and yours meaning by including a slew of backstage dog-primping gifs like this one.

This just in: Kat said she wants to do a beauty tutorial inspired by the Best in Show winner, C.J. the German shorthaired pointer, so that's happening.

  • Does Kylie's name make you more or less likely to buy her SinfulColors nail polishes?
  • Have you ever taped your boobs in some way?
  • What's your favorite CoverGirl product?
  • Do you use the same shampoo as fancy dogs?