Youth Milk by Alexanya Atoz is the Fictional Beauty Product You Never Knew You Needed

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January 25, 2016
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So, Zoolander 2 looks like the best movie ever — in part thanks to Kristen Wiig's role as the slightly deranged brain behind House of Atoz. The role pokes fun of women who take their love for perfect skin to a vaguely questionable level, so this is a must-watch for beauty girls with a sense of humor.

"When you look old, you feel sad," Kristen says in the clip. "When you look young, you feel happy."

Not sure about that, but Youth Milk is filled with something called "Relischisvaicedsh," so clearly it's magical. Maybe that's what Derek Zoolander slathered all over his face before his February Vogue cover? No, really — he's on the cover of Vogue next month.

Watch the clip below and prepare to be equal parts amused / horrified.

No, but really, we would buy Youth Milk.

This post originally appeared on Kristen Wiig Takes Beauty to Terrifying(ly hilarious) Levels in Zoolander 2; Mehera Bonner

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