Korean Skin Care Trends That Are About To Blow Up In The States

Plus: The red carpet question that women are tired of hearing, beauty products that look good enough to eat, and other worthy beauty news.

It's Time To Start Experimenting With Essences, Sleeping Masks, And Cushion Makeup

Alicia Yoon, the CEO of Korean beauty site Peach and Lily, predicts that overnight sleeping masks, cushion makeup, essences, and water- and gel-based creams will be the next big Korean skin care trends to cross over to the States. (Sheet masks are on her list, too, but we'd argue that those have already blown up to BB and CC levels of popularity.) There's also talk of donkey milk, which apparently does wonders for sensitive skin. [The Cut]

Everyone’s Freaking Out About This Linked Ponytail Look

The Spring 2015 shows may have ended months ago, but a fresh spotlight is being shone upon the half-real, half-faux ponytails at Dior, created by Peter Philips and, of course, dreamed up by Raf Simons and Guido Palau. It's modern, but still oh-so-fitting for the timeless fashion house. J’adore Dior! [Style.com]

"Who Are You Wearing?"

We love an awards show red carpet, but it's high time reporters start asking women about more than just their gowns. “This is a strange pocket of the western world where it is still deemed utterly acceptable to take smart, successful women and reduce them to beauty pageant contestants,” said Hadley Freeman in a recent "Red Carpet Revolution" article on The Guardian. [The Guardian] [Upworthy]

Tracee Ellis Ross On Natural Hair & Network Television

"I was wearing my hair in its natural curl pattern since the beginning, and I’m happy bringing that to television," says Ross, now starring on ABC's Black-ish but forever beloved as Joan from Girlfriends. The daughter of Diana Ross goes on to talk about being a natural hair role model for young girls and how social media (she is such a great Instagram follow, btw) has helped create a dialogue about natural hair. [The New York Times Magazine]

Desserts And Beauty Products--Who Can Even Tell Them Apart These Days?

You may think you can tell the difference between a tasty confection and, say, a lip balm, but you won't know for sure until you take this BuzzFeed quiz. [BuzzFeed]