We're Contouring with Knives and Setting Our Makeup with Cornstarch in This Weekend's Beauty News

Plus: how much do Kylie Jenner's new lip glosses factor into the "pink tax"?
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April 3, 2016
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Happy first Sunday of April, my XO nearest and dearest! Are you hungover? Are you happy? I want to know all about your hearts, your souls, your complexions and your split ends, so tell me about your lives in the comments below. But first! Let's get to the news so I can go get a Bloody Mary. (I am hungover, clearly.)

Household tools can help you sculpt your face

Do you contour? I don't really at all, except for a little highlighter on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. Otherwise, I just don't have the time or interest to play makeup artist. Other folks who are far more enterprising than me, however, have taken their contouring to the next level.

Cosmopolitan rounded up some of the wackiest techniques they've seen makeup artists use, including grabbing basic household items like tape (which we knew about), toothbrushes, spoons and even scissors to sculpt their perfect face. No, literally - this dude used scissors.

You think scissors are scary? Try a knife. Eek!

I like how he says no one was hurt by this technique — only those he shocked with his super-sharp contour. That being said, my knives are for cutting up Brussels sprouts and not for playing partner-in-crime to my bronzer.

This homemade beauty hack can seriously backfire

When I was a little girl, my friends and I were really into DIY beauty. We were always digging around in my mom's cupboards trying to make masks with oatmeal and wheat germ, and once we tried to make a silky body powder with cornstarch. Cornstarch is very, very messy, and that experiment was deemed a failure by all parties, including the vacuum cleaner.

Beauty blogger Miriam Marroquin was doing some reading about ingredients in her favorite products when she discovered that a few famous setting powders contained cornstarch. She thought, "Hmm, I should try this!" After all, cornstarch is less than a dollar, and some of the best setting powders at Sephora are over $30.

Miriam was pleasantly surprised to find that cornstarch worked pretty well in her routine. However, Hello Giggles did a deep dive and discovered that the cornstarch you find on the grocery store shelf isn't quite the same as the one used in cosmetics. They went to the ultimate source, Good Housekeeping, for more info:

"Cornstarch is a flour derived from corn and can seem to have great oil-absorbing capabilities,” Tiffany Crews, a licensed master aesthetician and clinical oncology aesthetician at the Virginia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, explains. “However, cornstarch is a food source with no preservatives, so when exposed to moisture it can breed fungal or bacterial substances. This can happen if someone starts to sweat while the cornstarch is present on her face, which can lead to breakouts and inflammation.”

The pink tax: laid out in video format

In honor of tax season (ugh), let's talk about the pink tax, shall we? It's a cute, clever name for something very real, and something that we all deal with when we're buying our necessities. Retailers charge women more for things like shaving cream, razors and deodorant, and even dry cleaning. And if you don't buy and wear a bra, you'll get in trouble at work and possibly offend (!!) others. Oh, and you have to buy something for when you're on your period, too. It never ends.

A writer for Glamour's Lipstick was talking to a male coworker about her strict budget when he remarked that he didn't think their paychecks were too small and he was doing just fine. She got to thinking about the many things women buy and do that men don't need to (or pay less for), and Glamour eventually made a video totaling up just how much a day in the life for a woman and a man costs.

Of course, not everyone needs lip pencils or curling irons, but the fact is that women have so much more pressure on them all the time to look good to succeed in the workplace, to be taken seriously, and so on and so forth. I'm so used to it that I don't even notice, honestly, and that's crazy.

Kylie Jenner announces new lip glosses in a... different way

Did you guys watch Kylie's "music video"? I feel like we have to talk about it because it was a BFD when it "premiered" a few days ago.

Tynan and I actually watched it "together" via text and both of us were like, "Hmm, we don't like glosses — hard pass." This three-minute video looks to me like Kylie's been watching Spring Breakers. I kinda like the song, though, and I'm into Kylie's '00s Christina Aguilera-on-TRL outfit.

Even if you don't like Kylie and her fam, you have to admit she's becoming a cosmetics mogul.

  • Which kitchen tools do you use in your makeup routine?
  • Did you play DIY beauty with your friends when you were little? Remember how fun it was to wear a bunch of chunky oatmeal on your face?
  • Which items do you pay more for than your BF/brother/male friends? I use men's razors because I refuse to spend $15 on a Venus Butterfly Sugar Passion razor.