The Internet Reacts To Kim Kardashian's Bare Butt

And six other links that are worth clicking this week.

Kim K. Showed Her Ass And The Internet Is Having A Field Day

Kim Kardashian is nude (well, unless you count the veil of Photoshop) on the cover of Paper magazine. The cover line is "Break The Internet," which is now #BreakTheInternet, which is quickly becoming a waterfall of parodies--from centaur Kim to Krispy Kim... [Twitter] [Daily Mail] [Paper]

Would You Let This Man Cut Your Hair With A Samurai Sword?

A hairstylist in Vietnam is pioneering a terrifying new haircut technique. He specializes in doing bobs and pixie cuts--with a samurai sword. Yes, there is video. And yes, he spins the sword like a baton between chops. [MTV]

Get Ready To Fall Mattely In Love

J. Crew makeup and hair regular Troi Ollivierre is launching his self-titled beauty line with a collection of six matte lipsticks, four you can preorder here, and two you can buy exclusively at J. Crew (in-store and online). They're $28 a pop. [T Magazine]


Props where props are due: Refinery29 shows us how to use this hands-free hairdryer ($150), set to the tune of Berlin's "Take My Breath Away." Slow clap for whoever did the soundtrack. [Refinery29]

Fashionable Jet-Setters Are Wearing Compression Tights

High-ranking fashion types confessed their post-flight cankle shame to the Times in this article about how circulation-increasing compression tights and socks are coming back in style. [The New York Times]

Why It's So Hard To Describe A Scent With Words

Despite the fact that humans have enough odor receptors to identify a trillion different smells, research shows that we struggle to describe even the simplest scents, let alone complex perfumes. The reason, according to a new study, could be a disconnect between the brain’s olfactory and language systems. [Wired]

Photo-Alterations On Beyoncé's Instagram: Say It Ain't So, Bey

File this under: things I pray aren't true. First Beyoncé posted this maybe (probably) Photoshopped Instagram, and now BuzzFeed and Jezebel are putting this "99 Problems" pic under the photo-tampering microscope. Twice, Bey? TWICE? [BuzzFeed] [Jezebel]