Read This Week's Beauty News When You're Finished Making Out with Your Phone

We're talking about a makeup brand that got an F, a fragrance brand branching out beyond the UK, and more.

How are my fellow Americans coping with being back at work after the long holiday weekend? How is everyone else coping with... well, the fact that it's a Wednesday? I know, it's rough.

Let's take a break from our daily cares with some fun beauty news, and after that, I'll meet you by the pool. It is summer, after all.

Jo Malone's new fragrance line will finally be available outside of the UK

Starting today, Net-A-Porter is making Jo Loves' debut collection available worldwide on their website. The Jo Loves line โ€” which was, of course, created by Jo Malone MBE โ€” has previously only been available in the UK.

The line includes fragrance products such as perfume, candles, bath products, and more. The scents sound amazing, too: the White Rose & Lemon Leaves fragrance is probably lovely, and I can't decide if I want the Log Fires or Salted Caramel candle more. This is one fragrance launch that might be worth making room for in your budget, especially if you're a Jo Malone fan.

Kylie Jenner's makeup company does not make the grade

Yikes: according to Refinery29, the Better Business Bureau just gave Kylie Cosmetics an "F" rating, which, as you might have guessed, is their lowest possible score.

They cited the 133 consumer complaints that were reported over the past year, 69 of which were related to delivery, and of those, another five of which were never resolved. It's not surprising that so many complaints were delivery-related since the extremely recognizable Kylie Lip Kits were often stolen en route; they've since switched to less conspicuous packaging, as seen below.

will you order this Thursday?

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Hopefully Kylie Cosmetics can resolve what BBB is calling "a pattern of complaints."

You're more likely to get wrinkles if you live in a dry climate, scientists confirm

I was actually surprised that this is news because I already assumed it was a given. But it turns out that although dermatologists know hydrated skin is healthier overall, there wasn't any direct proof linking dry climates to wrinkles... until now.

According to Allure's Daily Beauty Reporter, Japanese scientists put volunteers in rooms of 10-percent and 80-percent humidity and asked them to smile. Tracking technology showed that the volunteers in the room with lower humidity had stiffer, more prominent, and longer-lasting smile lines.

So it may not be surprising news, but it's good motivation to start using a nice face mist every day if you live in a dry climate.

Shiseido wants you to kiss your phone for International Kissing Day

Did you know that today is International Kissing Day? Me neither, but now that we know, we can head over to Shiseido's mobile site and celebrate by making a cute gif for the occasion.

You can follow the instructions to create a virtual kiss, either with another mobile user or by yourself. They definitely want you to do it with another person, though. You pick a Rouge Rouge lipstick color and then kiss your phone screen (might want to clean that for the first time ever if you're like me) to create an adorable "Kiss Monster" animated gif that you are then free to share online. Our very own Colleen shared her result as an example if you want to check it out over at Seattle Met (she's the Style Editor there now!), which is how I found out about this in the first place.

Watch this five-year-old get a Drake makeover (Drakeover?)

What's a Drake makeover, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. Makeup artist Magali Beauvue transformed five-year-old Dylan into an insanely realistic mini-Drake.

I honestly don't know what's better: the convincing makeup or the kid's equally convincing Drake dance moves.

  • Are you excited to buy something from the Jo Loves line?
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  • Are you concerned about your area's climate having an effect on your skin?
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