Beauty Roundup: Jessica Simpson Spends $1 Million A Year On Her Beauty Routine

Plus: Renée Zellweger’s response to people talking about her face, an Oscar de la Renta quote that will make you melt, and more.

Why Are You Spending $50,000 A Year On Breast Enlargement Creams, Jessica?

I understand that celebrities have a lot of disposable income, but $1 million a year on beauty? Really, Jessica? WHY ARE YOU SPENDING $50,000 A YEAR ON BREAST ENLARGEMENT CREAMS? That needed to be in all caps because I really need her to answer. [Fashion Magazine]

Remembering Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta, who died this week at age 82, lived his life with elegance, style, and, most of all, passion. Here's a quote from one of our favorite Oscar interviews, wherein he expresses his dear love for his wife Annette. [The Cut]

"Annette is my east, west, north, and south. I cannot express sufficiently in words how much I love her."

Are You As Obsessed With Kerry Washington’s Pastel Eyeliner As I Am?

I know there were a few bright eyeliner looks on the spring 2015 catwalks, but Kerry Washington is getting a head start on the upcoming trend: she wore mint green eyeliner to this week's ELLE Women In Hollywood celebration. I mean, do you see that color popping behind those lashes? SICK. [Harper's Bazaar]

Who Are We To Judge Renée Zellweger's Face?

The Internet has been in a frenzy over photos of Renée Zellweger at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards. Like, there are people freaking out on Twitter, but do you think Renée cares? Nope. "I'm glad folks think I look different!" she told People. [People]

Amar’e Stoudemire Really Needs To Stop Bathing In Red Wine

If you're ever going to drink someone's bath water, I hope it's Amar’e Stoudemire's: he bathes in red wine. Stoudemire says it "creates more circulation my red blood cells." Vino-centric beauty brand Caudalie says it just dehydrates your skin. []

This Jade Roller May Help De-Puff Your Tired Eyes

Danielle gave you the rundown on the torturous-looking derma roller, but there's a smoother roller in town, and it's here to de-puff your face. Another point for the Asian beauty market, which is gradually changing the way we care for our skin. [The Cut]

25 Oils And All Of Their Beauty Benefits In One Convenient Chart

I know you all know your oils, but go ahead and bookmark this handy chart of 25 base oils and their beauty benefits just in case. For example: Going on a beach vacation? Did you know that ylang ylang oil can protect your hair against salt water? The more you know. [Pop Sugar]