Jennifer Lawrence is NOT the New Face of H&M Beauty

But she DID just land a campaign with a major makeup brand, and the fast-fashion company IS launching a humongous beauty department.
Publish date:
May 13, 2015
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NEWS! NEWS! BEAUTY NEWS! I'm working on a theme song for this weekly post. I think it'll really give it that special "something," you know?

OK, maybe not.


Jennifer Lawrence is the new face of Dior Addict Lipstick.

On Tuesday, Dior announced that Oscar winner, Hunger Games star and all-around person you wanna hang out with Jennifer Lawrence will be featured in "commercials and a custom-made print campaign" for the Dior Addict Lipstick Collection, which will relaunch with 44 new shades in September. Dior released the photo of Lawrence, above, in which she appears to be wearing... no lipstick? [Bustle]

H&M is launching a legit beauty collection.

Sure, H&M has dabbled in beauty products, but it was sort of like a hobby that they weren't very good at. But that's about to change. This fall, they're introducing 700 "beautifully packaged" makeup, haircare, and body-care products, followed by seasonal and limited-edition collections, a premium line and a Conscious line of Ecocert-approved products. You'll be able to find it online and at more than 900 stores. [TheCUT]

It's totally normal right now for South Korean men to use makeup.

The Washington Post reports that more than 10% of domestic beauty-product sales in South Korea are coming from dudes, and it's not just hair gel and sunscreen. No one blinks an eye when a guy buys BB cream, foundation or a brow pencil for himself. And for soldiers who want a more conditioning camo cream, a brand called Innisfree makes a more sensitive-skin-friendly face paint. [Washington Post]

Ted Baker's PR team photoshopped Megan Trainor to look thinner.

“Megan wore the tropical toucan printed Racind skirt by Ted Baker London," read a press release emailed to editors. Nothing unusual about a brand sending a press release about a celebrity wearing their clothing. Except Yahoo! Beauty (with whom we share a building—hi, guys!) noticed that she looked thinner than usual in the accompanying photos, and in a weird, sorta squeezed way. They did a little digging and found the original images, proving the PR team did, in fact, digitally slim the singer down. Booooooooo. [Yahoo! Beauty]

Lily Allen is 30 and gets acne.

She just wanted you to know. [Refinery29]

  • Are you excited about the H&M beauty collection?
  • Do you think the male makeup trend will come to the US, like so many other Korean beauty trends?
  • If you could be the face of any brand, which would it be?