This 17-Year-Old Boy Gives Much Better Beauty Advice Than Donald Trump Does

Also in this week's beauty news: Charlize Theron and Alicia Keys have pretty good product recommendations, too.
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October 12, 2016
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I hope you guys celebrate half-birthdays, because today is mine! Yep, I'm the big three-seven-point-five. A milestone! And I'm celebrating this momentous day with the likes of Claire Danes and Jennifer Morrison, whose photos I check regularly to see if we are visibly aging at a similar rate. Frankly, I think all three of us look great for halfway to 75.

In fact, this news roundup features several people who are looking great for any age, including 17.

CoverGirl introduces its first CoverBoy and he could not be any cuter

I first heard about James Charles about a month ago when he insisted on redoing his senior picture in order to get his highlight perfect. And truly, it did turn out perfect, as did his brows, nude lip, freckles, and dramatic lashes. This kid is truly gifted when it comes to glamorous makeup.

And now James has received the additional (and lucrative) gift of a major cosmetics partnership, because CoverGirl has chosen him as the new and first male face of the brand.

"One year ago, he boldly chose to launch his Instagram to the world using transformative, dynamic makeup looks to showcase the many facets of his personality, serving as an inspiration to women, men, guys and girls who might have been afraid to do the same," a CoverGirl statement reads.

He'll appear in the TV, print and digital campaigns for the new So Lashy blastPRO Mascara, alongside fellow CoverGirl spokesperson Katy Perry.

If you need a dermatologist referral, Donald Trump will gladly (and rudely) provide one

Great. Now even beauty news isn't safe from real-life supervillain and person(?) who just told his supporters to vote for him 20 days after the election, Donald Trump.

After the sexual assault brag heard 'round the world, everyone's looking for more tapes of Trump being the abhorrent organism everyone already knew he was. One of the latest finds: an authenticated transcript from an episode of The Apprentice obtained by The Huffington Post. In it, Trump makes disparaging comments about the physical appearance of Emily West, a singer who was being managed by one of the show's teams.

"I mean her skin, she needs some serious fuckin’ dermatology,” he said about her, according to the transcript, apparently so offended by her looks that at one point he just let out a disgusted "Fuck."

He goes on to directly compare West's attractiveness to that of the now-famous singer managed by the other Apprentice team, Luke Bryan.

"Personally, I am, as you probably heard, not a gay man, but I think he’s better looking than Emily, okay?” Trump said. When contestant Trace Adkins says he thinks that Emily's press materials look more polished than Bryan's, Trump overlooks the fact that Adkins is talking about the quality of a brochure and again returns to West's skin.

"You’re obviously not a skin man,” Trump said, “which is okay. I wish I wasn’t.”

HuffPo additionally confirmed with Cyndi Lauper, who was a contestant and present for the transcribed conversation, that it was accurate. In addition to verifying it, she responded pretty perfectly: "Of all people to talk about people’s skin!”

Alicia Keys' makeup-free look includes some makeup after all

How about we move on to less stress-inducing people with undeniably great skin? Like Alicia Keys, whose complexion we've seen a lot of since she decided to start going makeup-free earlier this year.

I'm one of those cynics who was like, She looks friggin' amazing, but I think she's wearing at least a little makeup when she's on the red carpet or on camera. Some commenters actually got angry at me for doubting that she was truly wearing no makeup!

Well, Alicia's makeup artist and go-to skincare expert, Dotti (she goes by only one name), told W that for events and performances, she is wearing some makeup, even if it looks like she might not be.

"She might fill her brows with individual lashes or enhance her freckles with an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer." W reports. "She’ll give her cheeks a warm glow with Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum or curb shine with Mally Ever Colour Poreless Face Definer Mattifier."

But you're still seeing the results of her thorough skincare routine in that foundation-free face. Dotti says her regimen includes the Eminence Clear Probiotic Skin Mask, SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, MV 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic — and sometimes just some cucumbers and ice cubes.

Anyway, TOLD YOU SO. *raspberry*

Charlize Theron also uses beauty products.

I realize this is not exactly news, but hearing about the products that naturally incredible-looking women use (like with Alicia Keys above) always intrigues me. And recently Vogue UK talked to Charlize, whose latest campaign for Dior J'Adore just launched, about her regimen.

"I really like the La Mer Cleansing Gel. Then Dior has a really gentle exfoliator – Instant Gentle Exfoliant — that I really love. I never used to use elixirs or anything like that, but Dior’s Prestige line has this Le Nectar De Nuit serum which is amazing, it has this incredible rose scent. My skin just loves that," she told Vogue. Then I’ll end with a really great moisturiser. I like Dior’s L’Or De Vie La Crème moisturiser, or the Prestige La Crème. Then if it’s winter and really, really cold, I’ll use Crème De La Mer."

Yowza! Three of those products are about $400 each. But don't tell me you haven't dreamt of being a famous movie star who keeps an in-ground pool of SK-II Essence to swim in. Like, of course you would do that if you were one of the most glamorous women in the world. So of course Charlize Theron uses $400 face cream.

No one tell my mom: TJ Maxx just added a beauty department to their website

You may not be able to find any of Charlize's favorite products, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't browse TJ Maxx's new online beauty department. The store at which I got my first paycheck just announced that it's bringing its discombobulated in-store beauty shopping experience online, minus the total disarray, open packages, and items that definitely aren't testers being used as testers.

The only catch: you can't search by brand name. So it may still take some patience, but it's worth it for some of your favorite skincare, body and hair products at a lower price.

  • Have you ever bought beauty products at TJ Maxx?
  • Which of Alicia Keys' or Charlize Theron's current products would you want to try most?
  • Do you follow James Charles on Instagram?