Beauty Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Breaks Her Silence On Nude Photo Hack

Plus: an iPhone 6 beauty fail, celebrity eyebrows then and now, and the most EPIC Bath and Body Works rant ever.

"It Is Not A Scandal. It Is A Sex Crime."

Jennifer Lawrence discussed her stolen nude photos in Vanity Fair’s November issue. The Hunger Games heroine called the disgusting act a "sex crime," NOT a "scandal," and I couldn’t agree more. P.S. How good does she look in that layout? #Flawless [Vanity Fair]

Would You Buy Makeup From Tyra Banks?

If you haven’t already heard, the queen of smizing, Tyra Banks, is releasing a self-titled makeup line. She describes it as being all about beauty, business, and bad-ass-ery. I could dig it. I could also get with these three makeup dos and don’ts she shared--one being applying makeup with fingers. [abc News]

They're Just Like Us: Celeb Eyebrows Then & Now

If you look back on your '90s eyebrows and cringe, take a gander at these then and now celebrity brows. Let’s all bow our heads and thank the eyebrow gods for bringing Christina Ricci into the light. [Elle]

The Most Epic Bath And Body Works Rant EVER

This video about Bath and Body Works store manager Jen in Appleton, WI proves why customer service is important. Play it cool, my friend, unless you want a vlogger to go home and blast you on the Internet. [BuzzFeed]

Celebrity Makeup Transformations Of The Dude Variety

There is no shortage of Kim K. and other celebrity inspired makeup looks on the Internet--but these ones done by Filipino TV host Paolo Ballesteros deserve a click. This man has major skills. [Refinery29]

The Biggest Design Fail (In Our Opinion) Of The iPhone 6

First we had to worry about our iPhones giving us acne, now we have to worry about them ripping out our hair? Way harsh, Apple. [The Cut]

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