I Love My LuMee Phone Case Almost as Much as I Love Kim Kardashian

My selfies deserve a flattering ring of golden light, too!
Publish date:
June 27, 2016
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It's no secret that I love the Kardashian family. I own several Kylie lipsticks, have a t-shirt with Kris Jenner's face on it, and pre-ordered my copy of Kim's book Selfish, like, three months before it came out. I know people have a lot of ~*feelings*~ about the family, but I am firmly over here at Camp Kardashian, lying out in Calabasas on one of those giant swan floats and hanging out with North and the Lord Disick. (OK, in my dreams anyway.)

The Kardashian sisters are big fans of the LuMee phone case, which shouldn't be a surprise considering Kim's aforementioned selfie book. Kim is a partner in the company, whose light-up phone cases bathe your front-facing selfies in a very flattering light.

I had to have one. I love taking selfies. (Have you seen my Instagram?) With the new algorithm, selfies are the only thing I get likes on anymore anyway! I love selfies and I would be very happy if my Instagram feed was just pretty girls taking pictures of themselves, which it kind of is.

In the interest of more beautiful and flattering selfies, I ordered a LuMee case. It was developed by pro photogs and claims to give you "a perfect selfie" every time. So, does it?

Get ready to see a lot of pics of my face! Sorry.

Here's me in dim lighting in the hallway of my basement apartment with my actual eyebrows. Look how LuMee catches my highlight!

Here's me bathed in the golden glow of the LuMee and my bedside lamp on a rainy evening with the mini blinds closed.

Here's me RIGHT NOW without LuMee:

And here's me with LuMee turned on. It's not a huge difference in natural light, but it's just a hint more flattering to my skin.

The LuMee isn't revolutionary, and it's not a must-have for everyone, but when you're into makeup like we are, it's an easy way to get great light wherever you are so you can show off your skills. (Or your hormonal acne, as seen above.) It really picks up things like highlighter, which is probably why Kim and her sisters love it.

You can adjust the brightness by holding the LuMee button, so if you don't want megawatt lighting you can try something a bit more demure.The best thing about the LuMee is that the case doesn't drain your phone battery; you charge the case separately from your phone.

Right now, LuMee is only available for iPhone 6/6s, and trust me when I say that this is a big, sturdy case. It's actually pretty difficult to get your phone in and out of it, which is my only complaint with the device.

I also like to use my LuMee to find things in the dark or to light my way when I'm walking somewhere with no streetlights. It's multifunctional, if you were still looking for an excuse to buy it.

  • Would you go this far for better selfies?
  • What are your "perfect selfie" tricks?
  • What's your phone case right now? I used to use real crazy ones, like a Starbucks cup, R2-D2 and that Moschino Windex one.
  • Are you a Kardashian fan? This is a safe space for us.