OPEN THREAD: Here's What Happens When the Interns Clean (Out) the Beauty Closet

If you happened to miss us on xoJane last week, we’re the interns — JoVona (above right) and Alex (left).

In recent news, Marci is the best boss ever! We were given the strenuous task of organizing the extensive xoVain beauty closet yesterday, and we were given the green light to take whatever products we wanted. Oh, and we got to meet the beautiful Sable, who witnessed us ravaging through the mountains of bronzers, creams and perfumes.

After taking home more products than we’d like to admit, we wanted to show you the top three(ish) products we're each looking forward to trying most. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these things or have tips for using them, ‘cause we need all the help we can get!


Kiko Glacial Light Soft Sifter Foundation

I haven’t worn foundation since a middle school play where, looking back on the photos, there was a clear line where the foundation ends and my neck begins (rookie move, I know). But I'm excited to give it a shot again and see if I can master the art of foundation application.

OPI Nail Lacquer in What’s The Hatter With You?

I’m a big fan of deep-purple anything (lipstick, nail polish etc.) yet sometimes I don’t feel bold enough to try it. Well, no more! I am currently writing this while wearing my RiRi Boy MAC Lipstick and anticipating putting on my brand new shade of purple polish.

Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint in Never Bare

Lip Paint?! Have any of you tried it? Do we like it less or more than a gloss, stain or stick? Anyhow, I love this shade, and as the name suggests, I am hoping for an intense jolt of color.


Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask and Hair Wash

The naturalista in me almost ran around the office screaming with joy when I saw this in the beauty closet. I watch a lot of YouTube natural hair videos and have seen the Curls brand in a few of my fav hair gurus' routines. Plus, it smells like love! I can not wait to see what this does for my coily curls.

GrandeLips Hydrating Lip Plumper in Hot Fuchsia

I’ve been into lip plumpers since way before the Kylie Jenner trend and have tried a few brands, but never GrandeLips. Sable already warned me about the tingle.

Colorescience Face Primer Skin Bronzing Broad Spectrum SPF 20

I have super-oily skin, so an exceptional face primer is a must for me. I’m excited about trying this product because not only does it have SPF to shield me from the summer rays, but its suppose to help with the appearance of uneven skin tones and give me that natural summer glow. I’ll let you all know if it delivers.

So, are any of these items in your personal collection or soon to be? We will try to keep you all in the loop on what worked and what didn’t when we finally get to try them. Oh, and while we have here, maybe we could pick your beauty brains a bit:

  • What’s your summer makeup staple?
  • If you could have an unlimited supply of one beauty products, what would it be?