The Internet Reacts To Dove's 'Choose Beautiful' Campaign

Plus: Amy Poehler's new hair color, good news for YouTube addicts, and a bath bomb for your shower.
Publish date:
April 9, 2015
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People are losing their shit over Dove's "Choose Beautiful" campaign.

Refinery 29 said it's the "best Dove campaign yet," Fast Company called it a stunt which "forces women to label themselves," and we don't know what BuzzFeed said because its post was deleted and replaced with a statement saying the story wasn't consistent with the tone of the site. Since when does BuzzFeed have a consistent tone? [BuzzFeed] [Refinery29] [Fast Company]

UPDATE: Gawker picked up the BuzzFeed deletion, pointing out that Dove is a BuzzFeed advertiser and that in 2013 a BuzzFeed employee alleged that EIC Ben Smith asked him to delete a post that criticized Axe, which is owned by Unilever, the same company that owns Dove... Gawker also found a link to BuzzFeed's deleted Dove story, written by Arabelle Sicardi, a former xoVain contributor.

Amy Poehler dyed her hair red.

I don't have much else to say about this. I just like looking at pictures of Amy Poehler. (xoRegulars: peep the byline on the link <3 <3). [Daily Makeover]

Pretty soon you'll be able to watch your favorite YouTubers commercial-free.

Sources tell The Verge that YouTube's paid subscription service will be dropping in a few months. For ten bucks a month you get access to ad-free and offline viewing. [The Verge]

Allergy season is coming and I can't believe I never knew about these prevention tips.

I have HORRIFIC seasonal allergies that start at the end of April and last through May. Singulair is my H.G. but even that doesn't keep my grossness under total control. These eight tips from Dr. John Basso are seriously good. [The Cut]

YES! Shower Mochi is a bath bomb for your shower.

Two things I love: mochi and taking frequent showers (seriously, I average twice a day in the summer). I can't buy a pack of these little guys fast enough. Simply place a mochi on your shower floor--directly under the stream of water--and enjoy 10 minutes of aromatherapeutic bliss. [Refinery29]