I Had A Baby! And Then I Wrote COTW.

I’ve had kind of a big week, guys.
Publish date:
January 10, 2015
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I just had a baby! It was pretty unexpected, but everyone involved is healthy, happy, and exhausted. It was my first time in a hospital so it was pretty unsettling: people scuttling around at all hours, lots of beige. I made a last-second decision to grab my Migrator Kit from Meow Meow Tweet, and it made such a difference mentally and physically to be able to take care of my skin with nice products. I love their face oil and toner.

And now for your Comments of The Week!

This old school skin care tip from “Michelle Tiffany Anderson” on Rachel's post about looking good when you have a cold is helpful for anyone with a humidifier habit.

“It's gross but when I sleep I put Vaseline in and around my nose and also around my eyes. Helps a lot with moisture control in that it keeps the moisture in. Makes my skin plumper in the AM when I am sick and I don't look as tired!”--Michelle Tiffany Anderson

"Sybilvain" pointed out the problem with Max Factor's Marilyn Monroe ad campaign and global ambassador announcement in the comments of this week's beauty news.

“...Noooooooo to using Marilyn Monroe as a spokesperson because she's dead and also was a really unhappy person and the whole tone of the ad seems like, turn yourself from "normal" you into a fetishized sex bomb version of you and then become so miserable that you turn to substances and die super young, but MAYBE I'm just reading into it a bit much. I mean, I love Marilyn Hair as much as the next person but like, let her rest already.”--sybilvain

Alle’s article about beauty risks really hit home for a lot of readers, and “allison” summed it up nicely.

“...I’ve always felt somehow not deserving of living the way I wanted to. If you consider yourself 'not the type of person' who would do XYZ but desperately want to, guess what, you can do whatever you want...”--allison

“Loren” reminded us to patch test even the most natural of ingredients before we put them on our face in the comments of Taylor's article about good skin care habits to adopt this year.

“Patch testing. Yes. I made the mistake of trying a new 'face mask' last year. [I] covered my entire face with 'fresh, organic, healthy ingredients' from my kitchen. It turns out my face is NOT a fan of egg whites. It was patchy for a week...”--Loren

After Kate told us that mastering subway makeup application is on her beauty bucket list, "ssxsolstice" shared this slightly horrific sighting.

“I saw a girl on the bus once separating her clumpy mascara with an open safety pin. On the bus. The bumpy bus. With a safety pin. I've been too scared to apply makeup en route ever since. More power to you, Kate." --ssxsolstice

I’ll be reading all of your comments, in between some delirious naps!

  • Do you pack special products to make scary situations more normal?
  • Have a recent beauty horror story? DO TELL!
  • What beauty brands have done things that put your off their products?