I Can't Take My Dream Trip So I Cut My Own Hair, Plus COTW!

Well, I sort of cut my own hair...
Publish date:
January 17, 2015
cotw, foundation, travel, beauty hack, cutting your own hair

It's always right around this time of year that I get the itch to take a trip. It starts in my toes and radiates to my fingertips as they fly to the keyboard, navigating late-night window shopping for airfare on Kayak’s highly-addictive Explore app. I dream about first-class flights and around-the-world tickets, but snap out of it long before any purchases are made.

I went after my hair with scissors after cruising Pinterest for inspiration late the other night. (Spoiler alert: hope you’re into messy buns or two feet of beach waves if you’re looking for hair inspiration on Pinterest.) I was too scared of change to do much but snip a few haphazard layers. I always have tons of ideas for everyone else, but when it comes to my own hair it's just easier to let it be.

On to Comments of The Week!

1. Seeing this in the comments of my article on violet-scented products made me feel better about my scissor-happy nights.

“For some reason, I always feel like an experienced hairdresser after midnight and then wake up so scared of the result.”--Sydney

2. “allison” reminded us of an old favorite foundation hack on Lauren's "7 Lessons Of Liquid Foundation" post.

“Make your own tinted moisturizer! Mix a few dabs of [of foundation] with your daily moisturizer and maybe some primer. It will make it less full coverage and it's great in the morning when you are running out of time. I know this is incredibly basic advice, but hey, never hurts, right?”--allison

3. Glitter is so powerful that it sometimes inspires random acts of art! “Erin,” our hats are off to you!

"I ventured out into the wild ocean today and captured this photo of a nudibranch doing exactly what I do on my breaks. Who knew?”--Erin

4. There was a lot of support for the automatic shut-off feature on the Glampalm in Danielle's review of the ultra-modern flat iron.

“If I had a dollar for every time I was late to work because I had visions of roasting my poor doggy alive in a flat-iron house fire, I wouldn't need to go to work anymore. That torture device is an ancient T3 (ca. 2006?). It's been dropped, left on for hours, lost the heat wheel, and it still works like a dream.”--katydid13

5. I’m starting to realize why some people wear workout clothing all the time. "Laura," I feel your pain!

"Hate getting ready for workouts, love working out. As soon as I get home from work, I change into my gym clothes so I have literally no excuse when class time rolls around. No matter how lazy I feel, I won't actually change BACK OUT of my gym clothes.”--Laura

  • Have you ever had a disaster with a hot tool you left on?
  • Where do you get hair inspiration?
  • Do you get itchy feet this time of year? Where would you go if you could go anywhere?