Do You Use a Selfie Stick? Plus COTW!

I have a good excuse for mine, I swear.
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September 26, 2015
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People seem to have strong opinions on selfie sticks. I myself never cared much one way or the other; if people need the extra help for their selfies that badly, I'm not going to judge. But I'm also not going to go out of my way to buy one for myself.

That's why I was sort of pleased (and surprised) to find a selfie stick in a recent beauty package that arrived from Beauty 360, along with a bunch of face masks aiming to hydrate, plump, and detoxify skin. The selfie stick is to help you take a picture of yourself while using the masks, which... I'm probably not going to do. But hey, maybe! Stay tuned.

So I'm excited to try the masks (you can purchase them on sale at CVS right now), but to be honest, I'm way more excited about the selfie stick. Like I said, I would never be willing to spend my own hard-earned money on one, but I have to admit, this is seriously going to up my selfie game. Once I figure out how to make it work, that is... Why doesn't anything happen when I push the button? Wait, don't take away my Millennial Card!

While I play with my new stick (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN), let's move on to...

Comments of the Week!

1. "space girl" proves that it's easy (and fun) to put together your own travel-ready makeup kit:

I'm tempted, but also afraid that even the lightest color there would be too dark for me. I do like that the price ($42 for a complete kit, I checked) isn't too exorbitant, but for makeup I can't try before I buy it's still kinda $$. I really like putting together makeup micro-kits for different needs--my smallest is a tiny OPI bag that used to hold three mini nail polishes. I can get a mini mascara (They're Real,) mini lipstick (in whatever color,) mini Watt's Up highlighter, and Elf brow kit (with the brow powder doubling as a lightly defining eye shadow) in there, with a little room to spare for a deluxe sample of foundation (can you tell I hoard deluxe samples?) or concealer and a vial of perfume. Bigger kits get more/bigger stuff. I can actually get just enough makeup into one of those ultra-slim credit card holder type wallets to look a little more polished wherever I am--I have foil packet samples of lip gloss, blush, and powder stuck inside, along with one of those foil peel-off perfume samples.

2. "PennyVodka" said what we were all thinking after reading about the BITE Beauty Canadian Maple Collection:

I need a Canadian friend immediately.

3. It was so cool reading about xoVain readers "allison" and "Kelly Bee" meeting IRL! (Make sure to check out LOTW to see the adorable photographic proof!)

Originally I was all "I'm going to do something really outside my comfort zone when I don't have work on Yom Kippur." Yeah. No. I ended up laying in a dark room thinking about all the bad things I did this year. BUT! I have something EVEN BETTER. I was out for Dancing Queen karoake (all ABBA and Queen) when I saw a girl on stage absolutely KILLING it. The little scrolly thing said her name was Kelly. I was like "man, that Kelly looks familiar." After telling her what an AWESOME job she did, I was like " you ever post on the internet as Kelly Bee?" She goes "...allison?!" And it was a real life spontaneous Vain meetup. Her makeup is way better than mine. I was like two drinks in at this point and you can tell by my lipstick.

4. I agree with "clatie" about celebs giving credit for their beauty looks:

as a behind the scenes person, nothing makes me like someone more than a shout out to the glam squad. people TOIL to make those pretty people. cheers to them!

  • Do you own a selfie stick?
  • Do you use it in public? I think I would be too self-conscious.