OPEN THREAD: How Should I Do My Hair and Makeup for My Sister's Wedding?

It's TOMORROW, so please advise ASAP.
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May 27, 2016
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I kept asking Marci for products and advice in preparation for my sister's wedding, and she's so slammed right now that she was just like, "Why don't you use the Open Thread to ask the readers?" Win-win!

So, do you ever hit that point where you’re like “I have too much to do! I think I’ll start by… staring at nothing in terror and then taking a six-hour nap”? Because that’s been me for the past week or so — which means I’m feeling very unprepared for the aforementioned wedding. It’s tomorrow. Hahahahahlaughingsoidon’tcry.

On top of being stressed (or maybe because of), I had a huge breakout around my chin. Luckily, I grabbed the new Fresh Peony Brightening Foam Face Cleanser and Moisture Face Cream off of Marci’s desk, and the combo of vitamin C and licorice has cleared up the leftover pizza-face I was dealing with. That, plus the Ouai hair masks I snagged after leaving bleach on my hair for an hour in a quest for pink highlights (spoiler: bleach is powerless against years of red dye, and while your color won’t change, your hair will feel deep-fried), has made me feel slightly more wedding-ready.

I still don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with my hair or makeup yet, though. Did I mention the wedding’s tomorrow? Because it’s tomorrow.

I’m getting my hair professionally done, but I’m doing my makeup myself, since I’ve yet to have a makeup artist handle my heavily-hooded eyes well, and I hate the feel of thick foundation, which seems to be where most makeup artists I’ve dealt with start. (If only I’d thought to bring Kim as my date!)

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is: tell me what to do with my hair and makeup for the wedding. I’ll do whatever has the most upvotes (provided it's not permanent and my sister won't want to Photoshop me out of the family pictures).

For reference, here’s my dress:

And here’s my hair:

I’d like to do an updo that isn’t too New-Jersey-style-shellacked (I can say that — I’m from Jersey), but otherwise, I’ll do whatever.

The last time I had my hair professionally done for an event, it was so long ago that I brought in a picture of Hilary Duff from A Cinderella Story.

17 year old Caitlin says hayyyy.

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In addition to giving me guidance, this would also be a GREAT time to show me some regrettable formal makeup and hair from days of yore.

And, of course, go ahead and talk about things that aren't related to my sister's wedding, too.