I'm reluctant to admit it's time to adjust my beauty routine for the rising temps.
Publish date:
May 15, 2015
summer, open thread, Botox, sweating, foundation, fans

Last month, New Yorkers got some sad news: Pearl River Mart, the beloved three-story Chinese superstore, would be closing by the end of 2015. People love shopping there for housewares, imported candy, stationery, and general kitsch; and I'm particularly upset because Pearl River Mart is my go-to store for inexpensive hand-held fans.

It's that time of year again, when, even though it's only merely warm, I'm dripping with sweat by the time I settle on a spot on the subway platform. Hand-held paper fans have been the only thing that keep me looking even slightly non-Swamp-Thing-esque, and it's time for me to take what will likely be my last trip to good ol' PRM to stock up on several years' worth of my spring and summer must-have accessory.

Honestly, I'm starting to consider getting Botox in my scalp and brow area, which is where I drip from the most. I have to carry paper towels with me to keep blotting the sweat and, unfortunately, makeup off my face. At some point, I'll just give up on foundation and concealer. When brands send me complexion products to try out between now and September, I just look at them longingly and whisper, "We'll be together soon."

So this week, I want to know how you'll be dealing with the rising heat. How does your makeup change? Do you carry a fan with you? A bottle of Gold Bond powder? (I swear, I sweat more than Shaq.)

Oh! And because I know you'll be wondering where she went, the wonderful Kate graduated from college, like, a second ago and immediately landed a dream job as beauty assistant at Seventeen! We are so proud of you, Miss Kate! If you want to follow in similar footsteps, she wants you to know that they're currently searching for their next Beauty Smartie to be featured in the magazine, on their site and on their YouTube channel! Woohoo!

OK, the floor is yours! (But it's slippery because I sweated all over it.)