Fessing Up to My Hoarding Tendencies, Plus COTW!

Marie Kondo would not be happy with me.
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May 14, 2016
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When you're related to someone who genuinely has a bit of a hoarding problem, it makes you extra-conscious of your own hoarding tendencies. Because of that, and also because of the fact that I've never had much storage space, I've always been vigilant about throwing out things that I don't need (and occasionally a few things that I probably did — oops).

That said, I have a hard time getting rid of nice packaging. A lot of beauty products come encased in a lovely box or a potentially useful bag, and I just can't bring myself to throw them away. I stow the gift bags away for later use and chuck nail polish and other miscellaneous items in the boxes. Sometimes I'll even keep the packaging that housed the beauty product itself, like an empty jar, if I can think of a good use for it. Plus, if it's pretty enough, it's easy to integrate it into my decor.

I particularly like the striped box that my Marc Jacobs Mod Noir perfume came in (the bottle is equally cute, FYI):

The Chanel bag is extremely useful for Christmas and birthdays. I like to trick my sister or whoever into thinking they're getting Chanel and really it's just a stupid book. (Their words, not mine — books aren't stupid!)

One of the most nicely packaged products I've ever gotten was perfume from Memo Paris. All of their fragrances come in these hefty, attractive boxes that mirror the fragrance bottle's design.

I've also been holding onto that Airspun face powder for years just because I like the way the packaging looks and the way the powder smells.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. "Carina" has the best plan for spray-on metallic nail polish:

I wouldn't even bother washing the nail polish off of my hands. I'd just marvel at my metallic fingers. Can we make this a trend? I'll be down with that and call it Tin Man Beauty.

2. I liked this budget-friendly suggestion from "Edgar Allen Bro" for keeping makeup shine-free:

I'm cheap so I use NYX Shine Killer Primer (seriously. makes your face SO matte) and then use oil blotting sheets (aka cut up toilet seat covers) and finishing powder to kill any sweat shine.

3. I think "sybilvain" spoke for a lot of us after finding out how to blend eyeshadow:

Oh gosh I feel like someone just pointed out that I've had something stuck in my teeth for like... three years.

4. "dietcokehead" shared a great tip for easy pastel hair:

I have Davines Alchemic Red conditioner left over from a decade as a redhead but am blonde now, so when I get bored, I just toss some of that stuff in my hair in the shower and have semi-pink hair (depending on how much I dilute it and how hard I try) that fades into rose gold over a wash or two.

5. "nooneputsbabyinthecorner" had me rethinking how I want my scented shower products to make me smell:

Shea Moisture Frankincense and Myrrh Body Wash. It's moisturizing and makes me smell like Baby Jesus.

  • OK, your turn to fess up: who else holds onto the packaging?
  • Do you have any hoarding tendencies?