Beauty Roundup: Harry Styles Is The Reason Your Boyfriend Wants Hair Extensions

The struggle for awesome hair is real for dudes, too.

• The day my future boyfriend decides to get a weave is the day I'd have to let him go. Apparently David Beckham and Harry Styles are part of the reason there's been a 200 percent increase in the popularity of male hair extensions. [Complex]

• Thank you, Charlize Theron, for acknowledging the double standard that like wine, men supposedly get finer with age, while women are expected to look young for as long as possible. Puh-lease! Come to me, gray hair. I am awaiting your metallic arrival. [W]

• If you’ve ever woken in a drunken state but without having consumed any alcohol the night before, you might be suffering from a rare disorder called sleep drunkenness. Can you imagine feeling drunk all the time? I would literally drive myself insane. [YouBeauty]

• J. Crew recently launched two fragrances and describes one as "feminine" and the other "edgy and tomboyish," which I would say describes the brand perfectly, but nothing comes to mind when I try to imagine what exactly these smell like. [The Cut]

• I mean, I thought I was hip with my past nail art experiences, but clearly not hip enough, since I have yet to try a flip manicure. [HuffPost]

• I understand wanting to look tan (and encourage you to do so safely), but please do not go popping food coloring in pill form to get the result. Nothing about that sounds safe. [Byrdie]

• You know what else doesn’t sound safe? Temporary breast enhancements. Yes, you can inject saline into your boobs to enlarge them for up to 24 hours. #NOPE [Elle]