Maybe Donald Trump Should Listen to Gwyneth Paltrow's Beauty Advice

Also in this weekend's beauty news: how to protect yourself from salon strokes and demon weaves.
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March 6, 2016
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Happy first weekend of March! Isn’t it great that spring is nearly here? Spring means I can finally throw all my tights in the bathtub, wash them with a little bit of Aveda Shampure shampoo and box them up until next November. I was standing in my closet a few days ago having a meltdown because I was so tired of wearing sweaters, and though we’re not quite hitting the 60s here in Minnesota yet, we will be soon!

Gwyneth Paltrow shares what she hopes lil’ Apple will learn about beauty

Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty philosopy might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Hell, Gwyneth’s everything seems to be pretty darn polarizing, but I love her and think she’s great. Yes, she’s a little nutty about her food and her GOOP-y outlook on life — so much so that “GOOP-y” is a thing I can say and you totally understand what I mean — but she’s funny and beautiful and played Kelly Canter in my favorite cable movie of all time, Country Strong. (Thank you for that stunning performance, Gwyn.)

Though Gwyn has her own beauty line now, she’s not forcing her 11-year-old daughter Apple to use it. She let Apple buy a cheapie eyeshadow palette to experiment with even though its ingredients are probably not all-natural and/or organic.

“I can’t imagine what is in this product, but at the same time, I want her to feel her own autonomy,” she told editors at a beauty event in NYC.

Gwyneth got all adorable and mom-like when asked what she hopes Apple will learn from her about beauty: “Beauty is fun and it can be a wonderful expression of who you are and playing dress-up and feeling good, but I hope that underneath that all she’ll know her value and worth and feel beautiful because of that.”

WTF is "beauty parlor stroke syndrome" though?

Getting your hair done is supposed to be relaxing. It’s not supposed to trigger a massive stroke! But it did for one woman in California, who is suing her salon for a shampoo that she says gave her a stroke. Apparently, doctors didn’t think she’d live through it.

“Beauty parlor stroke syndrome” is a real thing, experts say. SELF talked to a vascular surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., who says that doctors have noticed this happening in younger people. When you’re having your hair shampooed at the bowl, your neck can be hyperextended and, depending on how long you’re being washed up, it can cause a “tear in your blood vessel, resulting in a blood clot, which can travel to your brain and cause a stroke.”

The good news is that beauty parlor stroke syndrome isn't very common, and those who suffer from it usually have underlying health issues. If you're worried about it, ask your stylist to lay a towel down at the bowl for more support.

Linda Wells gives Donald Trump some solid self-tanning advice

I'm pretty bummed that Allure's founder, Linda Wells, isn't at the head of the magazine anymore, but I'm loving her work for New York magazine. In one piece, she goes behind the scenes at the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Product Demo, where, for $115 a ticket, folks in the beauty industry get a first look at new products and get a ton of free stuff.

My favorite Linda piece thus far, though, is the quippy little letter she wrote to Donald Trump about his self-tanning habits. The Donald is straight-up orange most of the time, and Linda's sharing her beauty-editor wisdom with him.

"Do you really want to join John Boehner, Lindsay Lohan, and Christina Aguilera in the tanning hall of shame? I didn’t think so," she writes.

Linda gives Trump five great tips for a more subtle glow versus his noxious orange, including, "Squeeze out a blob of self-tanner the size of a dime (that’s the little silver one with Franklin D. Roosevelt on it)." Read the article for more of Linda's gems, including the bit where she chastises Donald for his peach-tinted eyebrows. I love it.

[Editor's Note: Photo of Trump excluded because I cannot bear to look at him anymore. - Marci]

Are you haunted by a #DemonWeave?

I'm obsessed with murder and the supernatural, so I had to feature this story about "demon weaves" (or #DemonWeave, as a local news station is trying to make catch on). After a bunch of hair extension-related murders and thefts in Tennessee, investigators found that a small community of women were convinced that their hair extensions led them to be possessed by evil spirits.

I had hair extensions in my very first article for xoVain three years ago, and I definitely didn't get possessed by evil spirits. They just made my head itch.

According to PopSugar, the women believe that their hair may have been cursed in India, when women shave their heads as a religious offering. The wearers speculated about the "bad omens" in their hair on Facebook and in YouTube videos, though a local pastor disagrees with their possession theories.

"The bible has no reference to demonic possession of things or objects," Dr. Bill Adkins told a WMC Action News 5. Why hasn't this become a horror movie yet?

  • Do you believe in possession or hauntings?
  • What's your favorite Gwyneth movie?
  • If you could give Donald Trump advice, what would you tell him?

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