Gwen Stefani Has a Sad When She Thinks About Going Brunette

Maybe Shu Uemura's latest designer collaboration will cheer her up.
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July 15, 2015
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I am so bored with my hair color right now. I love it—it's a mélange of warm shades ranging from dark brown to rusty strawberry blonde—but I want to change it nonetheless.

The easiest change would be to just match my roots and go all-over dark brown again, but I'm feeling more experimental. I've never been platinum, but I'd definitely have to cut off most of my length in order to make it work, and I like having really long hair right now, so that may not be the way to go. A soft medium gray has been really appealing to me lately, and my hair might be able to handle that without having to lose a lot of inches (though I do really need to get a trim right now, regardless of what I do).

My constant curiosity about other hair colors makes me wonder how celebrities with signature looks stick so loyally to what makes them instantly recognizable—like Gwen Stefani, for example. She's the unofficial ambassador of platinum blonde hair. She's the personification of platinum blonde hair. She. Is. Platinum. Blonde. Hair.

But it's apparently not a lack of boredom that keeps her committed to her look.

Brown hair makes Gwen Stefani feel hella bad.

While talking to People (the magazine and the mammals) at a BeautyCon event surrounding her Harajuku Lovers fragrances (yep, those are still around), she said, “I’ve thought about going brunette. But then I’ll feel sad!”

I'm sure she didn't want anyone to infer that being brunette is, in general, a thing of sadness. And I suppose it's entirely possible that Gwen has a rare depression-triggering allergy to brown hair dye. (OK, it's probably not even slightly possible.)

Gwen is also pretty addicted to her other signature feature: red lipstick.

“I have so many red lipstick shades. I really do probably have five that I kind of go in and out of,” she told People, who noted that her favorite lipstick is an Urban Decay shade, but then they didn't report which exact shade because they want nothing more than for me to be extremely frustrated.

A woman's butt implants probably didn't explode at the gym this week, despite what the Internet wants you to think.

Numerous websites, including those of trusted local news stations and nationally published magazines, reported over the last 24 hours that a 27-year-old Boston-area woman's butt implants popped while she was doing squats at the gym for an Instagram video and that she's now in a coma with severe damage to her rectum, colon and intestines.

Now, as much as this story could serve as a fable for not getting cosmetic procedures that aren't FDA-approved—the only type of butt implants deemed safe do not have liquid inside them like breast implants, but rather are a rubbery substance that can't leak—a few bullshit alarms went off when I read this.

First, what are the odds that both implants would explode at the same time? Second, even if they'd been placed under the muscle, it makes no anatomical sense that trauma to the glutes would cause intestinal damage. Third, all the reports claim the woman screamed "MY ASS IS GONE!" and then fainted, which seems like something out of a really terrible Mad TV sketch. ( has their own solid reasons for doubting the story, too.)

Cosmo updated their original report, which links back to other sources that have not yet been updated, to say the story turned out to be fake. The origins of this magical fairytale are not yet known.

Birchbox is letting you choose their own adventure.

Have you always wanted one of those Birchbox popup shops to come to your area? That could totally finally happen!

Through the end of the week, they're letting beauty fans vote on where they should take a road trip, which means their Build Your Own Birchbox experience, the best of the Birchbox Shop, free services and more could end up coming to your zip code.

Maison Kitsune x Shu Uemura: the next great beauty collaboration you're not sure how to pronounce.

Women's Wear Daily reports that Shu Uemura's holiday releases will include a collection of 25 products created with the French fashion house that has a Japanese name, Kitsune. They haven't released any photos, but we do know the range hits in October. We also know we will probably like it. Safe bet.

A teenager was almost prevented from getting on a plane because she's very fair-skinned.

I realize paleness is, for some, not the norm and, in fact, a symptom of illness. However, for many people, including Scottish redheads, it's just their default skin tone. But that explanation wasn't gonna fly (literally) with the Etihad airline staff, none of whom are doctors, who wouldn't let 14-year-old Grace Wain board a flight to Maldives with her family.

According to the Daily Record, the staff felt she was too pale to possibly be healthy, and they had an airport paramedic examine her. His green light wasn't enough for them, however, and they insisted that the family obtain a note from Grace's doctor who, presumably with his non-typing palm firmly on his face, composed and faxed over a note that simply said, "I know of no reason why this patient should not fly."

  • Has your paleness ever been mistaken for illness?
  • Would being a certain hair color give you a sad?
  • Has your butt exploded lately?