My Most Glamorous-Looking Beauty Products, Plus COTW!

All gold, all the time please.
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May 23, 2015
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Last week, I showed you my cutest beauty products but this week it's all about the glamour.

I just can't say no to any beauty product that comes in beautiful packaging, especially if it's shiny gold or black and white.

Perfume bottles are an obvious choice for glamour. Below I have, from left to right: a vintage perfume bottle, MEMO Italian Leather, Krigler Charming California, Serge Lutens Santal Majascule, and Nest White Sandalwood... and a tiny Dolce & Gabbana The One travel size in the upper-left corner.

Hmmm, what else? I love all of ToyoMilk's packaging, including these delicious-smelling lip balms.

The two limited-edition Sonia Kashuk gold palettes (a lip nude palette and an eyeshadow palette) were a lucky $6 Target clearance find.

The gold bow lipstick (sold out now) is from Forever 21, of all places, and I couldn't resist the face on this limited edition Toledo lipstick, making it my very first MAC lipstick.

Finally, I have to admit that I keep the Rouge Bunny Rouge foundation around mainly for its pretty packaging.

Now it's that time again! A round of applause, please, for your Comments of the Week:

1. "Dot_race" has an excellent idea for making work makeup fun:

If I'm in a work-makeup rut I declare a "week"--Unbureaucratic Lipstick Week, Noticeable Eyeliner Week, Dark Eyeshadow Week, etc. It's weirdly motivating to feel like I'm fulfilling a goal just by getting ready in the morning!

2. Maybe this beauty balm suggested by "SallyStormBorn" can help my summer problem of moisturizers making me look overly shiny:

I got a travel size Weleda 'Skin Food' this winter and it saved my face! I'd use it to seal my other moisturizers in - it's very thick but quite matte so was a nice alternative to being slick with oils and creams like I normally am!

3. As far as signature scents go, I agree with "Sam" (and also the other commenters who suggested layering a honeysuckle scent with Fresh Cannabis Santal, which I really need to buy):

I want to smell like I've been lost in a stack of leather bound books for a few weeks, and upon emerging, found myself in a sunny meadow filled with honeysuckle. Where is the perfume for that?

4. Thanks to "Meg McElhaney," I'm actually feeling very tempted to try this Kardashian self-tanner:

This is super ridiculous, but the Kardashian Sunless Tanning Mousse (Foam) is amazing. I think it's really similar to St. Tropez, but only $10 & usually has a buy-one-get one 1/2 off promotion at Ulta. Just make sure you use a mitt or else you're SOL for staining since it drys pretty quickly. Oh, I'm also a very pale natural blonde w/ sensitive skin & I even use it on my face with no issues.

  • Do you fall hard for glamorous packaging? Show me your most glam beauty product in the comments!
  • We've talked about cutesy packaging and glam packaging, but does anyone prefer minimal packaging? (I like the idea of it but one look at my vanity slaps me back into reality.)