Rescue People From Buying Used Makeup in These Superhero Sheet Masks

And in other beauty news: GLITTER BEARDS!
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August 26, 2015
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Last week's news was chockablock with famous faces—xoJane's Amber recently used the word chockablock to describe the inordinate number of electrical outlets available to us in the office, and I vowed to use it more often—but this week, there's nary a celebrity to be found.

Sure, Rihanna wore a dark purply-blue lipstick out somewhere and Kim Kardashian is claiming to have "pregnancy lips," but meh—I think there's more interesting stuff to talk about this week.

Actually, let's talk about pregnancy-related facial features for a sec. You know how some people claim they can tell if you're having a boy or a girl based on how high a woman is "carrying" or how round her belly looks? I can totally tell the sex of your fetus based on your face—as long as I knew what you looked like before pregnancy, and I've never guessed wrong.

Yep, if your face looks pretty much exactly the same—to me, at least—well into your pregnancy as it did before you started gestating, I'll be confident you're having a boy. If your facial features seem to have noticeably changed (and I don't mean "pregnancy lips," unless your lips are pregnant with Restylane), I'm pretty sure you're having a girl. It would be a cool party trick if more pregnant women went to the parties I go to.

Anyway, onto the star-barren beauty news of the week.

A new service sells your used makeup to people with death wishes.

Have you guys heard of Glambot? I know, it sounds sort of like a porn doll, but it's actually a business that will accept your used makeup, sanitize it, repackage it, and sell it to people who are inexplicably willing to buy used makeup.

Sure, we've all given a lipstick we've used once or twice to a friend whose skin tone looks better with that color, but if you're getting both the heebies and the jeebies from this business model, it's probably because you know that bad things can happen to your faceparts when makeup gets shared.

Even though "Glambot uses a combination of different sterilization techniques" to supposedly ensure that your head won't shrivel up and fall off, dermatologist Howard Sobel, MD, tells Refinery29, "No matter what method Glambot is using, even if effective 90% of the time, you cannot know for sure what bacteria, infection, or fungus has been left behind on the remaining 10%."

And yeah, they sell mascara.

Speaking of risky beauty stuff...

When this young woman got a brow-tinting procedure to update her look, she didn't expect this kind of update...

OK, so this happened almost a month ago, but it went under my radar. I still think it's worth reporting on now, though, because A) it's good to be informed about these kinds of things and B) Halloween is just around the corner and this is scary as hell.

So, a 19-year-old named Polly (I guess young people are still named Polly in the UK?) went to get a salon brow treatment done; basically a shaping and tinting service. Here's here before and after:

The beautiful young lady woke up the day after her treatment to find her eyes were swelling shut and her brow hairs were starting to fall out—presumably not the results she was going for.

Apparently, her brow area experienced both an allergic reaction and an infection, even though the salon supposedly followed proper protocol. She was put on a bunch of meds—antibiotics, antihistamines, and steroids—to fight the mess, but she had to quit her sales assistant job to deal with it. Major suckage.

Surprise! Iron Man's alter ego is YOU (sorta).

You may not feel that a sheet mask is worth $30, but if it makes you look like a superhero while improving your skin, surely the entertainment value alone is worth $27—for two!

Mashable reports that Japanese cosmetics brand Isshin-do Honpo has come out with a two-pack of sheet masks that make you look like Iron Man and Captain America when you wear them. I'm admittedly confused about the Captain America one that treats only your cheekbones, temples and forehead, but hey, authenticity or something.

This is apparently the brand's latest offering, but Japan Trend Shop also sells Isshin-do Honpo's other costume-y sheet masks, including Frankenstein's Monster and cartoon raccoon masks.

This Instagram account will give you serious beard envy.

I'm not one to hop on the bandwagon and follow a popular Instagram account unless it's an animal with an adorable medical problem like Marnie or Matilda, but as a long-time fan of beards, recent acquirer of a bearded boyfriend, and enjoyer of awesomeness-for-no-real-reason, I think I'm going to have to follow @thegaybeards.

These two gentlemen, two best friends in Portland (of course), post adorable photos of themselves with their beards full of delightfulness. BEHOLD THREE OF MY FAVORITES:

Glittering // Verb: To Glitter 💁

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Fruit Salad. 🍇🍏🍓

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Don't ever stop wishing ✨💫

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The follow-up to that last one is pretty friggin' great, too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find some pretty stuff to shove into my dude's glorious facial hair.

  • Have you ever had a horrible reaction to a beauty treatment?
  • Would you buy someone's used makeup?
  • What would be your ideal character sheet mask?