4 Times The Hair & Makeup On 'Empire' Almost Set My T.V. On Fire

It doesn't get more fabulous than this...
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March 17, 2015
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I don’t watch a lot of television, and when I do it’s usually cheesy dance competitions or trashy reality shows (ahem, Mob Wives). But FOX's new show, Empire, was love at first preview. One thing I didn't expect was the strong beauty game the show's characters bring to the table.

If you're an Empire fan, enjoy these beauty musings before tomorrow night's season finale. And if you're not yet a fan, get familiar!

Lucious Lyon: Press Game On Point

Lucious is a character you love to hate, because he’s such a self-serving, manipulative jerk. One thing that I can’t hate on: his style game. In addition to always being immaculately dressed, Lucious started out the season with his press game on point.

Porsha: Steals Scenes With Her Fly Hair Game

Porsha, who plays Cookie Lyon's assistant, is by far one of my favorite characters on the show. She’s not a main fixture, but her snappy one-liners and fly hair game make her presence known. This was my favorite Porsha look of the season; I loved the combo of gilded lids and dark lips.

Cookie Lyon: The One Who Always Keeps Me Guessing

Cookie is a huge part of why I love Empire. Her sass keeps me on the edge of my seat. What kind of crazy situation will she get herself into this week? Her snappy attitude is matched only by her sense of style. Picking a single favorite Cookie look is impossible. From an ultra-glam eye/lip combo and braided high-pony to coordinating her purple lipstick to her purple fur shrug, Cookie rocks it all!

Anika Calhoun: G-L-A-M-O-U-R

I have a feeling that Anika is a bit misunderstood, but still, I just can’t deal with her character. HOWEVER, I can absolutely get down with her look. She favors a classic kind of beauty. I'm living for this combo of finger waves and a bold red lip.

  • Are you as obsessed with Empire as I am?
  • Any favorite beauty looks from season one?
  • What T.V. shows do you draw beauty inspiration from?